Suffix in my order tag

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I would like to put a suffix to my order label, currently it only works for prefix

Ok so what’s your question?

How can I put a suffix on my order tag
thanks for your attention

That discussion demonstrates it. I don’t understand what your asking. This post you said continuing was not how to create them it was asking a specific question about them.

To continue that discussion @markjw I will say that no you can’t just select coke. Suffix flow is good for forced selection of options.

Also @markjw I don’t think you can do wildcards atm but that’s an awesome idea. @VehbiEmiroglu

Wow that was over 2 years ago I posted that… :wink:

Still see that issue though, like if I am using order tags to create set meals, and one item would have some variation (i.e. if you have a main course of chicken curry and you want to add a modifier to just that item of “No onions”).

Personally this is a question I get asked a lot, there isn’t currently an ideal solution from what I can tell (as you wouldn’t want to have all ingredient modifiers setup as suffixes. Really also suffixes are not exactly what I am referring to here, it’s more like having order tags of order tags.

I know I can probably setup set meals using the combo setup with was partly shared a while back but that is quite complex for a client to setup and I don’t really like creating solutions that are difficult to manage. What I am meaning is, it’s difficult to setup in a generic, repeatable way.

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