Sugestion: Product Description

Would it be possible and does anyone agree it would be useful to them to add a product description field? (I did mention before but if website integration is on the books for future module/version this would most likely be utilized there as well in future)
I am looking to setup label printer on a per item/order basis for takeaway restaurant and would be handy to utilize this for a ingredients list (new requirement in UK) and also possibly short reheating instructions.
Imagine it would only need an extra column in products table and a printer tag to call it.either use of the \r for break line to correctly format the text to fit ticket/label width would be handy if possible.

you could do this now with custom product tags, i use it to display recipe for making cocktails but you could use it exactly as you want ill show you how i have used it with screen shots, 2 secs


Much appreciated, will solve the issue for now, cant wait to see how you’ve done it.

Do you think a separate product desc filed would be useful though?

You could add a Item Description column and type in whatever you want

when creating a product those fields above show on the product screen

i have created a button on POS screen so when i select the cocktail (in this example Blue Lagoon) and then press the recipe button it will tell the cashier what ingredients are in the cocktail if they forget.

you could use the same method to list your ingredients for each product, with a button if cashier needed to check if a customer asked, but you can also use the tag to use in a printer template {ITEM TAG:X} so im my case in the show message action to display the ingredients i use {ITEM TAG:Recipe} you could use {ITEM TAG:Ingredients} or whatever you want to call it and use that in a ticket template to print

hope thats useful for you :slight_smile:

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Perfect, that will solve it :smile:
Good idea with the popup as could be used to check ingredients if asked when ordering :wink:
I mistakenly presumed the custom tag option was to pre-assign order tags.

you can set the custom product tags here PROGRAM SETTINGS>GENERAL SETTING>PRODUCT TAG CAPTIONS

Just make sure they are comma separated with no spaces (i remember when i used spaces it caused an error and they didnt work properly, not sure if that has been fixed or not but no spaces works perfect)

i also have an image tag which when pressed show a picture of the product, i probably wont use that but someone a while back asked about showing the customer a picture of the food or menu item from the tablet as they were serving them. At the moment this loads an image stored on the PC not in samba using the file name so some people found it slow loading, and it would mean manually closing the image window that pops up

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Nice idea though if that was something you wanted.

Thinking about it this is actually really handy, would simplify several allot of constraints relating to products.

Looking at your subtitle shell above the ticket how have you done two lines? Just \r?
Would be nice if there was a way to have multiple shells there (unless you already can).
Thinking a setup like yours with total/items could have another ‘line’ with other notification like product gift eligibility for offer as such without having to work round/overwrite existing subtitle.

Yea you could do another line and just make the text smaller, when im back on pc ill show my settings i use the block settings (script if thats the right word???) but you could certainly do what your suggesting its a good idea, could do it in a different colour to to highlight it away from the total

I already did a quick tutorial on it and the settings are there have a look here

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Thanks, will look more deeply into that when I come to doing my subtitle settings.
But it is still one subtitle with a , would be nice to be able to set multiple subtitles so can use that space more easily with multiple notification which may overlap.

Yea ive thought about that might have different messages but would need constraints to just show one at a time

My first thought for a work around would be if the subtiltle could be set to update on total change or some other regular event and draw values from multiple program settings… Ie (setting:a) /br (setting:b).
Sorry am limited on code input on phone.
The settings are updated from seperate rules.
Does that make sense?