Switching Menu on a ticket

Dear All,
please allow me to ask this question, I know it has been discussed before.
It is regarding switching the menu on the same ticket.
I followed the link below

I want to randomly switch the menu in the course of ordering however am not able to switch back to the original menu.
I hope am able to express myself


Initially after selecting the table the system will open up showing drink menu ,then after selecting the drinks i want to post ,i switch to foods menu however am not able to switch back to drinks menu

Show your fast menu thats giving you the switch buttons.

Capture8 Capture7

Where are the commands?

I managed to do it,thankyou

The fact you managed to solve isn’t the solution to the question.
Would be nice if you can show what you missed to help the community and perhaps someone else that makes similar mistake in the future.


I followed this tutorial

Switch Menus with FAST MENU

its all about ticket types ,my set up has two menu and two ticket types .I made sure i have selected one menu as the default menu in the ticket type

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