Syntax Behavior with {ENTITY DATA:X}

I am missing something I can not get this to work.

CD.Pay Rate is not working.

Wait I think I know what I did…

Shouldn’t it be: {ENTITY DATA:Employee:Pay Rate} ?

I tried that it did not work either. BTW

I was wrong still not working.

Notice CD.Pay Rate returned 0
Wages still computing because I have it set at EC.Pay Rate still. If I change Wages formula to use CD.Pay Rate the report crashes.

I even tried:

'Pay Rate'='{ENTITY DATA:Pay Rate}'
'Pay Rate'='{ENTITY DATA:Employee:Pay Rate}'

Strange, I’m sure that is the proper syntax to get Entity Custom Data, but you’re correct, it isn’t working…

ManualPunch~Holiday~{ENTITY DATA:Employee:Rate1}

Yet, the “Holiday” in the middle does work with {SETTING:HolidayFlag}

hmm I may actually just store it that way anyway… I kind of like that setup better. So {SETTING:X} works but {ENTITY DATA:X} does not… strange

@emre any idea why this is not working?

@QMcKay I think {ENTITY DATA:Pay Rate} would be correct here as the Entity is already pulled up in the Entity State Updated rule. and the Type of entity is already defined by the constraint. Regardless neither syntax is working.

EDIT: I have tried everything I think its just broken

I don’t think it’s specific to State Log. Here is a Message Action that displays after a Load Entity Action…


The message displays as:

Name:Myrna Rate:

So {ENTITY NAME} works but {ENTITY DATA:Rate1} does not. This Rule has nothing to do with Log Entity State Action.

The Tag {ENTITY DATA:X} appears to be broken.

Interesting I will change the issue title.

Any idea @emre? Would love to use this.

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Should work fine with 4.1.68


Thank you and welcome back!


Yes, welcome back! We missed you! Hope your meetings resulted in Success!

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Thank you. That was a crazy weekend :slight_smile:

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