System not printing anything

My system is not printing anything

There are many ways to configure printing and print jobs, can you share screenshots on how its configured?

It’s only printing reports

Can you go to Settings > Terminals and send how your terminal is configured?

OK, how is your Ticket Printer configured Printing > Printers > Ticket Printer

From the looks of it everything in SambaPOS is configured OK.

Go to Windows > Settings > Devices. Is the POS-80 printer listed there?

Yes it’s listed on the computer

Is that the same printer used by Report Printer?

It’s the same printer used

OK go to Printing > Print Jobs > Print Bill

Can you share a screenshot of these mappings?

Replace all these columns values with * except for the Printer and Template columns you can leave that as is by default (Ticket Printer | Ticket Template)
After that hit Save and try to print bill again.

Still not printing anything

Without any more details about the error you get when trying to print or screenshots, I cant help you.

Send an email to and they will assist you as soon as possible.

No error it just does nothing

Go to Automation > Automation Commands > Print Bill > Mappings

Make sure its setup like this and the button should become clickable.

Still nothing is printing

Try reinstalling the printer drivers.