Table color doesn't change

Hi Team,

Table colors aren’t changing.Was working after take off kitchen print job from closing ticket not working

Did you delete that rule?

Can you show us your ticket Ticket Closing Rule? Did you remove Update Ticket Status action from the rule?

No,I did same like before (default) but still there

Show the rule please.

Unable to upload pic that ticket closing rule consists Execute kitchen orders print job,Update ticket status and Update Order status

Whats inside Update Ticket Status and Update Order Status?

Also have you been changing your state names in the Settings?

I need you to show us this. So we can see Constraints.

Also your status names in settings.

Check mapping for the rule

Default mapping * * * * I deleted nd add new one

After this problem came out unable void products the button became inactive

You have a state issue. You did more than remove that print job.

Show before ticket closing rule.

On Entitiy scree State “Status”

Is the entity state new orders? Thought that was ticket on new order added.
The orange state is set as New Orders state. Where is that being set?

New Orders - State Name “Status”

Teams any Solution…Plss