Table color doesn't change


Show before ticket closing rule please. I don’t even see that rule in your setup it’s critical.



Still not seen any rule with update entity state. Entity screens display based on state. Have you removed any entity state update actions?


No, I didn’t remove any action


You did but you can’t remember. Taking print job out won’t cause this and it won’t just happen. Try installing a default database to compare too.


I remember i have been done only this.After this happened unable to void a product(Button inactive) and Unlock ticket also not working.Seems any problem after creating Department or else rename Restaurant instead tickets?


It does not just happen and it’s very specific what can cause this. You changed it but don’t know it yet. We can’t see it so it’s hard for us to know what you accidentally changed.


Your best option is to load up a default database and compare to find your mistake.


Do you have a ticket entity changed or updated rule ? If so show it.


Inactive void would also suggest state issues.


Let me check and update later.



Show a list of all your rules


Hi , Color issue fixed but void not working


You know void only works on orders that are submitted not new right?
Show ticket screen of a submitted ticket with order selected while logged in as admin.


After bill requested it’s showing new


I’m guessing it’s because the status is locked


Can u explain it nd how to fix it…I have compared with new DB but not


You have really messed up your ticket state flow. One moment.

Show your Ticket Closing Rule with actions expanded.

It should look like this:


Also show your bill requested rule. How are you doing the bill requested? A button?