Table color doesn't change


Ok and your Bill Requested automation. Are you using the built in Print Bill button? If so show that rule too.


The reason void is not working is because the orders are all in Order State State of New still. They should be in the Order State of Submitted so something is wrong in your process of requesting bill.


Requesting bill rule as it by default.I checked all rules with duplicate DB.What should i do.Should i delete ticket closing rule nd create new one …Is it work? As ur guess all orders are still new do not change to Submitted.


Can you show same picture but of a bill where you havn’t printed?
You have screwed up the state flow somewhere…


Show the rule please with actions expanded.



Those rules all have default mapping?


Was but after created more dept i have been changed to their own type respectively.After this problem came up i did remain as default but not working.



That could be your problem. Why did you do that? Don’t every department need to close ticket and set states?


Ok so you changed something. We dont know what you changed. You have to show us. We will not be able to help you very well if we keep having to guess what you did. The rules are specific that control this so you have to have something wrong with them.


Show the mapping of your rules. When you hit print bill it closes ticket and are order states submitted or still New?


It closes and updating entity states but the order states still new doesn’t change to submitted.even after bill requested(shows color brown)


brown colour means they are submitted.
print bill wouldnt change them to new unless you have another rule not shown.
so please show mapping for your closing rule where order states are meant to be updated to submitted.
Also show a bill which has been closed then opened BUT NOT printed!


The Ticket Closing Rule is what handles that so show that rule again and show its mapping.



show your entire rule list. Did you add any custom ticket closing rules? Something is interfering with that rule.


If you make new tickets does it work?


No i did not add any custom ticket closing rules…Not working on any tickets on both dept.


So please show your rule list


Sorry for late …Sending

These are my rule list