Table color doesn't change



You can’t void a new order. You can cancel it.

You can void only submitted (sent to kitchen) orders.


Thanks for reply…The issue is Void not functioning as i mentioned above…This ticket is already been closed…Sent to kitchen.See the color changed to brown(Submitted)But the order satatus is still “new” and “Void” inactive.


Which version? Is it V4 or V5?


SampaPOS4 App:4.1.82


But config screenshots are from V5?


I sent some pictures from V5.I just compared the rules thats why.The problem is on V4


Is that last screenshot meant to be the closed and opened ticket without printing?


Closed ticket(sent kot)


That’s fine but how it configured in V4 is important. Are you sure V4 also configured like the V5 screen shot you posted?


This is current ticket closing rule


Can you PM me your db backup?


Notice the difference on V4 screenshot and V5 screenshot. Current Status and Status values are switched. Change them as appears on V5 screenshot.


Wow good catch Emre. I didnt even notice he had switched versions.


I was about to restore his backup but couldn’t find a V4 download link lol.


I havnt had v4 installed in years now.


Wow, Excellent …Done .Thank you very much Emre


Not sure how that would have happened since you didnt change anything other than remove print job right? :wink: