Table name changes if modified with new item


We have names on our tables.

The manager goes to Jane’s table to check on them and they want to add an appetizer.
I can’t find Jane to to tell her to add this to the table, so I go and open up her table and send in the appetizer.
The table changes to my name instead of Jane’s.
Managers really need to be able to add to tables or help them without it changing to my table

Is there a way around that?


That is not a default configuration so need to see/understand how you have set that up. Especially since user is not directly linked to an entity (table) meaning there could be many many ways to achieve what you have there.


I followed this tutorial

And here is my setup.

Is there a better way for the servers to be able to keep up with what tables they have?
This is how many POS systems work and its currently the best way for multiple people to see who has what.


OK, not sure of a way to manually set a ticket user.
Personally I would use a ticket state or ticket tag of which I would have more control.
If you were to change you would want to add a ticket created rule which sets it with the current user. This would make it persistent with other users manipulating.
You could create a button for ‘Claim Ticket’ which again updates the state/tag with current user for swaps etc.
Then you would just change that report expression in the entity state format to report the state/tage rather than the T.User value.


You are confusing me. I would rather not have extra buttons and tasks if thats possible.

Your idea may be a perfect solution, but I may not be following you on how to implement it.


You dont have to have a button, was just an idea if you wanted to be able to swap/change the ticket user for any reason - lunch break maybe or something like that.

If you went with ticket tag you would need an action to update ticket tag when ticket is created.;


A rule containing that action to set the value on ticket created using {:CURRENTUSER}


Then change your state format from T.User to TT.TicketUser (the name of the tag)


I do believe that worked.