Take order from different departments


How is possible to add products from kitchen, pizza, bar, when i take an order?.. i can’t click on other departments while i put through an order. Now I have to close the ticket and then to change department. I am sure that I miss something, but i can’t find anything in the forum

thanks in advance

So your pizza, kitchen etc are setup as departments with their own menu’s? Do they have different ticket types as well?

yes… to both questions. Ive got 3 departments, Pizza, kitchen, bar. Pizza is woodfire oven.

In fact, with the current system a food order goes to both departments (pizza, kitchen) so pizza chef and chef can synchronize the order to come out same time. If there is only pizza, then nothing is been printed to the kitchen. But this is another question :smile:


I couldn’t understand that. How kitchen can have it’s own department? Can you give us more details about your case and what you are trying to achieve by taking orders from kitchen?

PS: Departments are designed to separate things that needs to be processed separately in a single business. Users from different departments can add items to same ticket but we don’t expect a single user to add items from different departments at the same time. If you need to merge items from different departments in a single ticket maybe you shouldn’t use separated departments or menus. If you explain your need in detail we may find a better solution.

Thanks for the reply,

I want to have different screens for each menu (kitchen - Bar). I dont want to mix up the buttons from Bar, with kitchen. So far only with departments i have achieved that. Should I use another approach ?

From your answer I think that I have mixed up things in my mind :blush:

PS: I have bought pads, servers, stations, they are all connected and run like charm…
Next week I am going to spend a lot of hours on Samba. I wait some converters for the printers. Thank you very much for your amazing support during previous month.

I don’t think you’ve mixed up things but I’m trying to learn your need to be able to think different solutions as department feature used for separating things… however you need to add orders to a single ticket from both departments at a time. If you need to do so why you need to have separate menus?

Hi emre,

Thanks for trying to help me more. I want to sort out the items on the screen. For example, I would like to I press BAR and all products from bar come up without seeing kitchen items on the screen. Ive got about 9 categories in the bar, and about 5 in the kitchen. Its not very handy to have all categories under the same screen.

I don’t really mind if they are departments or screens. I guess I can make queries in the database to see how much money the kitchen made, and how much the bar. My main problem for the moment is to separate the categories in screens.

Thank you very much again.

Department & Ticket Type separation is ticket wide and it is more useful to separate bar tickets from kitchen (dine-in, package service, etc) tickets. That’s why you can’t simply switch departments while creating a ticket. I think what you need is assigning multiple menus to a single ticket type however we can assign only one menu for a ticket type atm.

Can you tell us more about what you are specifically avoiding? If I can fully understand how separating menus improves your operation I can think a solution.

Hi Emre,

Let’s take the scenario when a waitress takes an order of 6people.

-Hi sir what would you like to have?
-A fish & chips… And a coke

what the waitress is doing now?
selects a fish and chips and then close the ticket… Goes to bar/soft drink and chooses the coke.

If she continues like that she sends 6 tickets to the kitchen and 6 to the bar for one table, also is a very inconvenient and time consuming way.

I just feel the need to say again that I don’t mind to seperate my screens in departments or menus or whatever. I need only to alter between screens bar/ kitchen.

I have made departments because this is what I thought it would work… Not because I necessarily need departments for a reason. Maybe it’s menus, maybe screen types, maybe something else.

I think I have seen some screenshots, from kendash tutorials, that have bar / kitchen buttons

thanks again for your priceless help.

You only want Bar items to show up in the Bar Kitchen Printer or Screen… and Kitchen items to show up in Kitchen Screen or Kitchen printer… but you want waiter to be able to choose any item from one menu? Does this sound right?

I have no idea what you are talking about… :stuck_out_tongue:

I want a simple… Very simple thing… To not Have 15 buttons in the row… To not scroll down to find the 15th category product. To not have on the same screenshot kitchen cayegories and bar categories

You call it menu, department, section, devision, region, call it as you want. I’m not very familiar with the sambapos jargon as you are… So please don’t take a word and make it white flag.

Perhaps I was wrong with my understanding of what you are trying to achieve and why. I am trying to understand your operational flow your trying to achieve with limited information you have provided. I think I understand what you are wanting now. It may need to be something @emre has to design or it may be doable now. If we can come up with a solution now that would be ideal.

We have several tools to work with including not limited to Departments, Menus, Ticket Types, Sub Menus, Order Tags, Product Tags, etc to work with. So let me try again:

You are wanting a Menu for Bar items and ONLY that menu shows up on screen you select bar item and then you click a button to show a menu for Kitchen items and ONLY kitchen items show on the screen so you can select a kitchen item. But all of that happens on the same ticket for customer? Is this sound right?

I think the problem is how I use the term “department”. You understand it with the correct way of sambapos… I call it as what I imagine what it is. LoL

The perfect solution would be to alter the screens (when I write screens I mean the screenshot while we take an order) as it happens with departments. Something like active / clickable department while I take an order.

Thanks again.

Your not wrong with your thinking… Departments in SambaPOS can be multiple things… There really is not one specific use. That is the point I was trying to make… we need to understand the big picture of what your wanting not what your wanting with SambaPOS but in general… then we can help you build SambaPOS to do it.

What if we make 2 menus under 1 department? Then we alter them with actions…

I think what @emre was suggesting might be the way we need to go. We just need little more information because it is probably something he would need to help assist with. Maybe not.

So when taking an order you want the ability to have one ticket, load a menu to select from for Bar, Click a button load a menu to select from for Kitchen, but its all interacting with same ticket.

Ohh… sorry I didn’t answer to your question. Some times only the half reply shows up and then the rest of it… Anyway…

Yes, you perfectly understood my need.

Typically this need is met by using Menu Categories… maybe your using Menu Categories differently? Can you show a screenshot of your menu?

Thanks kendash. I’ll send screenshots tomorrow, now I’m writing from mobile.

I know that I have 2 menus and 2 departments (same name for menu and department) and I have assigned the menu to the correlated department.

But I can make any change it might need to be done. Don’t hesitate to find the best approach because of my setup. I don’t need have different departments.

If I’m understanding this correctly, you want to be able to define separate Menus and be able to switch between them, or have them defaulted to different Terminals, while still having Orders from either Menu go on the same Ticket, then subsequently Print to the Bar or Kitchen depending on the Menu that the Order came from…