Takeaway without customers

Hi all,

I have been using entity with tables and customers, when I press takeaway, customers appears and I select a customer and than order a takeaway.

I would like to change this to press takeaway and ticket opens and I order, without any extra info.Can someone point me in the direction to do this please, tried many things.


How do you specifically indicate it’s a “take away”?

You don’t have to assign a customer entity to a ticket. You can create tickets by different methods. Look up ticket creation methods.

You can create 4-5 takeaway table and make it same as to table order.

Give name like Take away1, Take away2,…

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This is what I do, it works well :grinning:

This is our current setup. Moving to different ticket type, ticket lister screen, and setting entities based in order source (multiple takeaway companies/people).

You could do something like my temp tabs setup.
I didn’t want entities filled with random names used for temp tabs by name rather than table.

Uses ticket tag to hold ticket.

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