Tax after tax? Plus Tax Exempt Question


I’m sorry to ask using new topic, I tried to use search funciton but cannot find and somehow I cannot really apply it.

I have 2 taxes: 10% tax and 5% service charge.

What I need to do is: Sub Total + 5% Service Charge and then tax the total amount with 10%. Can I do that?

Also if the order is for “to go” I will need to remove the 5% service charge.

Please help , thank you.

Easiest solution I can think of given service charge is applied after tax (with option to calculate on net or gross total) would be to have a service charge product… Not ideal admittedly…

That way can remove the service charge if the order is to go?

Use Update Ticket Calculation action to remove calculations. Setting calculation amount to 0 will remove calculation. Depending on how you’ve configured calculation types enabling Remove Calculation parameter will also remove the calculation.


Ok, I will do research about Update Ticketr Calculation, I’m very bad at programming but will try my best >.<

Btw, is there fiverr guys doing this kind of modification? :smiley:

When you use “if” in your request that is programming :smile:

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Haha… ok…

Thanks for the reply @emre

I do search about update ticket calculation and found:

Which is the answer to one of my question. However can I know how to auto add the 5% Servicing charge ? Not by have to manually go to "settle and then press the “Service” button and then “Print Bill”?

Can I automate it and then if I want to remove the servicing charge I can press the button instead?

Two ways to automatically add service charge to a ticket:

  1. Create a calculation selector and leave the Header portion of settings blank.
  2. Use the Update Ticket Calculation action and a Rule Event to add the calculation

You can use the Update Ticket Calculation action and an Automation Command Button to remove the calculation by setting the value to 0 in the action.

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WOw @kendash thanks alot, what a fast reply.

I manage to auto add by remove the Header portion blank.

Now figuring out how to add button to remove it for “to go” haha. I assume use update ticket calculation , let me try tonight and see…

I followed emre tutorial here: Allmost ready to go LIVE! two questions!

But I can’t make table start with “B” letter servicing charge removed.

What I did wrong with the program?

I tried to make remove calculation “true” as well.

Actions that are assigned to Rules and are later changed will not update in the Rule.

So if you already had the Action in the Rule, then changed the Remove Calculation to True, you now need to go into the Rule, remove the Action, save the Rule, open the rule and add the Action once again, and save again.

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@QMcKay I tried and still not working

I tried to add Servicing Charge now exactly like the tutorial but is not working, I think something wrong with the entity name part…

Yes, it should not be ENTITIY

Thanks @emre spotting that. I corrected it and still cannot work :frowning:

If entity type name is SBY_Tables tag should be {ENTITY NAME:SBY_Tables}

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Hi @emre you are my savior… thankssssssss. it’s working now. !!!

Btw how to make the following:

Discount 5% -0.5
Service 5% 0.5
Sub Total: 10
10% Tax: 1
Total: 117.70

Into the following:

Discount 5% -0.5
Sub Total: 10
Service 5% 0.5
10% Tax: 1
Total: 117.70

I want the service to show after the sub total and before taxes.

I tried to change the printer template as follow but it didn’t work:
– General layout
::::::::: Receipt :::::::::

[Total Free Item:|-{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}]

Sub Total:|[=F(TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’)-TN(’{TAX TOTAL}’),’#,###’)]

Total:|[=FF(’{TICKET TOTAL}’,’#,###’)]


Move {SERVICES} line before Sub Total line.

Previously it was there. I tried to move it after the sub total ,

And the printed receipt still show the service located above the Sub Total, what I want to achieve is to have the Service after (below) the Sub Total and before the Taxes.