Tax based on bill total


guys i tried for 3 hrs tonight to get this to work…i think I have to look for other software. thanks for the help.



That is too bad. All I can say is it is doable if you spend times with it.

Happy hunting…


Sorry to see you go. I’m not as tech savvy as you are. I was hoping it could get resolved. It’s a great piece of software.
Were you able to get it to work for items that are not taxable?


Agreed, I like the looks of it as well, it is fast and has a plethora of features and things you can do with it. I have people asking all the time how’s is the pos software coming a long. I keep telling them all products are in and just struggling with the taxes. Perhaps Steve you could send some screen shots of your setup. I have watched the other videos on tagging order with modifiers and others. that all looks doable. no problems. I currently have all my products in two categories. TAX Food Prepared and GST Reg. I have followed the posts and still nothing…well not true. the problem i am having is when i take the discount off. The price, (i am confused now whether it is Ticket Total or Plain Amount) goes below the 4 dollar threshold and still calculates at 13%. I have the Actions / Rules / Auto commands setup. But It just doesn’t seem to work. I get databases, I myself use Filemaker, have for years. But I don’t have time to do it from scratch. This looked like the most cost effective way to go. I usually don’t get to this stuff until late at night…so I am tired and not thinking straight. I acutally last night started from scratch. Removed all products , taxes all of it, thinking that would help. But i am in the same spot. It is morning here in Canada as Steve is busy in his cafe. I will try again boys/girls.
I’ll keep you posted.


I had the taxes working. I couldn’t get it to apply zero tax to items such as whole beans or when a customer buys a new gift card.
I had to keep those off of samba.


I do not work in a restaurant. We have one here at the Bingo Hall in thunder bay. OLG run. That is why I have to make the taxes work correctly. These guys get audited by the OLG twice a year for compliance issues. I might be confused a bit between Ticket and Order. Perhaps when doing the actions / rules and such we (I) have to approach these things from one of the two either Order or Ticket. Are there multiple orders on Ticket? I don’t know. I searching google right now to find out and saw your post. The OLG for anyone is Ontario Lottery and Gaming.


Honestly, I just followed some suggestions a year ago on the forum. I got it to work for taxes. As far as discounts not taxing correctly it may have errored in favour of the tax man so I may have just left it.


Orders are lines on a ticket, 1xDrink being the order, ticket is the bill/tab containing the orders, entities are tables/customers.
I’m not familier with this tax setup but I would expect you want to use a formula using report type expression to calculate a tax ammount but use calculation with fixed amount rather than tax and update it pragmatically on say ticket total changed.
It isn’t going to be as straight forward as a software designed specificly with your tax structure in mind but should be doable.


So on say and ‘order update calculation’ action or rule it is only updating the actual line item directly and ticket total indirectly. “report type expression”, where do i find these expressions. In my case, when I add the staff discount of 25% it reduces the Ticket Total not the order as it affects the overall price not just one order (ie Fries).


Order update calculation??
There is no rule event or action called that by default.
Ticket total changed rule event will obviously run on order added, canceled, voided, discount/service calculation etc - any event which effects ticket total.

Report expressions can on large be found down the side in the report help on right when creating a report.


Hi Guys, I’m back. Still no luck…partially I have tried 4 other POS systems since my last post and none compare to your system. your system is fast, lightweight and has the esthetics I like. As for the back end, I know our staff will like the feel of it. So can we please try to get the taxes working…UPDATE Taxes are working on all products but 2 but I can adjust net price to make it work.

So I tested my discount and oddly at the price of 4.73 it stops calculating. At 4.72 taxes work out perfect (4.72-1.18=3.54)*1.05=3.72 . Any reason that you can think of for this to happen. See pics, the Balance: 4.01. What is that number because as you can see Ticket Total does not change, only Balance changes.

Update: I did some more testing and here is what i discovered. If the price including tax starts below the $4 threshold tax is calculated correctly. I started at 3.54 and incremented an items price by 1 penny until i hit 3.81 the tax was bang on 5% gst…Capture1 i thought awesome. Then continued to 3.82, the price jumped to the correct total including the 13% hst tax. Capture2.
So i thought i try resetting the price back to a lower one and the tax did not calculate correctly. Capture3.
I guess the system doesn’t seem to recalculate when the calculation goes backwards.


Is this a valid constraint?


Constraint for what/where? Rule? Action? Printer Template? What are you comparing the value to?

You are not making a True/False test which is required. For example…

Rule constraint

The [=expression] is on the LEFT, and the 0 is on the RIGHT of the Rule Constraint…

[=TN('{Balance}') - TN('{Discount}')] Less 0

Action constraint

[=TN('{Balance}') - TN('{Discount}')] < 0

Printer Template constraint

[=( TN('{Balance}') - TN('{Discount}') ) < 0 ? 'print this if true' : 'print this if false']


My apologies. It was a rule constraint to compare if the balance minus the discount is less than 4. I think what I was trying to ask was is the syntax correct with brackets and such. Or whether we can reference the “Balance” in a constraint of any type. I have not seen the Balance used in any discussion except in a SamboPOS Tag Reference. As I can see from your post, i was not using the correct syntax. I will try this new constraint.



If you are able to get this working for ontario can you let me know what I need to do? I’m barely computer literate.


Using balance you may end up wrong calculation. Let say total bill $10 and I pay $6.5 and balance now $3.5 then the problem may occur.


Correct you are sukasem. I’m trying to come up with different approaches to my problem above. Can you can see my dilemma. Lets say a staff member comes up and orders something and price is under 4 so there is 5% tax (this calculates correctly). Then they ask for something to add to the order which takes them over the $4 threshold. It adds the 13% like it should. Now they realize it is too expensive so they remove the last item ordered putting their order under the $4 threshold again. This may or may not be with the discount added. The program adds the 13% instead of the 5% when going backwards. I’m trying to figure out when something is removed from the ticket either order or product or discount, something that makes the balance drop to ensure it is calculating properly. Adding a discount does not change ticket total it changes the balance as far as i can see.


natascafe, will let you know asap if i get this figured out. Drink your coffee and relax


Hi guys/gals have you put any thought into my delemma?


Sounds like you want to trigger to upodate your calculation on ticket total changed event.