Templates grouped by group

I would like to create a template with these features:
instead of elencarmi all products with quantities

  • 1 coca 3.00
  • 2 fanta 6.00
  • 3 beer 9.00
  • 1 appetizer fish 1.00
  • 1 appetizer meat 1.00
  • 1 Second meat 1.00

they should be grouped by group

  • 6 drinks 18.00
  • 2 appertizer 2.00
  • 1 second 1.00

I tried with groups but I can not
does anyone know how to do?

Did you tried this tutorial?


not exactly what I want to do,
I would like to gather quantitative and price per product group

That tutorial already covers that topic but I know it is a little long to read. You can remove current order formatting and add grouping format instead as follows.

perfect! Thank you!
I did it in v2, thus setting

the problem is that I do not list the amount, why?

Sorry I couldn’t understand the issue. Which amount is missing?

if I add 3 wraps, I always print quantity 1

for v4 is perfect and it works great!
I would like to do it on v2, as you can see I set the printing process,
But I can not get to print the number of the corresponding products.

Spanky as I can remember that feature implemented for cash register integration (group by tax department) and grouping for V2 is not possible like we do on V3 and V4.

I have a problem with this template that after months I noticed!
the group also reported vengoni products canceled.
there is a way to display the template the amount of products just inserted?
thank you