Thanks and Roadmapping

Hi Samba POS Team,

First of all I would like to thank you for all the hard work you guys are doing, you’re doing a wonderfull job with V4 and are letting a thunder go thru the Restaurant POS business.

Do you have any details on the roadmapfor the near future and what you’re developping ? Languages and many other things are needed, if needed I can help in further developping the product.

Do you have any details on PDA functionality? I have seen the movie on youtube, however I would like to know more details about functionality, available pda’s which you could buy etc…


This is our roadmap

##Plans for SambaPOS 4

  • Building a dedicated Team: We’ll build a programming and support team for faster and professional development.
  • Better Documentation: Documentation is the biggest issue for us. Generally I’m writing English documentation in my non-development time. We need to approach this more professionally.
  • Migration to V3 - V4 from V2: This tool migrates V2 configuration data to V3/4.
  • Easier Management: SambaPOS V4 needs easier management tools for managing custom SambaPOS features.
  • Import / Export: Importing configuration data such as menus, products, recipes, customers and exporting them as CSV format.
  • Hardware Integration: We’ll implement support for different brands and different types of hardware we currently do not support.
  • Credit Card Processing: We’ll implement integrations for credit card processing services.
  • Task Management: Managing time sensitive tasks such as reservations, bill payments or other similar time based assignments we need to track.
  • Advanced Inventory & Resource Management: We’ll improve inventory management to implement Supply-Chain management features for tracking daily inventory, supplier data, purchases and tracking finances.
  • Advanced Cost Tracking: Inventory is not the only cost generating resource. For better cost tracking other resources we pay for such as personnel wages, rent fees, electricity, heating, kitchen supplies costs and other consumables should taken into consideration. We’ll implement expense center management for finer planning.
  • Time Clock: It will be useful for tracking personnel time and calculating personnel wages.
  • Web API Integration: We’ll implement a locally hosted Web API for easily integrating third party solutions to SambaPOS.
  • Samba Market: A software market to release third party SambaPOS solutions implemented by solution partners.

Plans for Commercial Projects

We’ll also build some commercial Add-on products for SambaPOS and release them through Samba Market.

  • Website Builder: An online website builder and website hosting application designed specifically for SambaPOS users. It supports online reservations, online orders and dynamic menu management. It works integrated with SambaPOS so when you receive an order or a reservation it will automatically appear on SambaPOS and trigger rules you’ve configured. You’ll easily build your website, publish it under your domain name and stay in touch with your visitors.
  • E-Menu: A native IPad application for customers to submit & track their orders, display and use their promotion coupons and use their loyalty cards for additional actions. It works fully integrated with your Restaurant Website and other online social services you use.
  • IPad POS: A native IPad POS application for your personnel to receive, track, manage orders, tables, reservations, manage promotions and receive payments.
  • Kiosk: Windows & Ipad application to create professional looking customer or personnel kiosks, till displays, kitchen monitors, deliverer kiosk or dedicated screens for operating custom SambaPOS workflows configured for your business needs.
  • Multi Branch Integration Server: This server application runs on your server and gathers all data generated from branches to track and analysis real time branch operation.
  • Advanced Reporting Tool: This reporting tool generates custom reports and supports advanced reporting functions such as drill-down data analysis, custom filtering, cube presentations, comparisons, statistical analysis, segmentation and exporting features. This tool also integrates with Integration Server for online reporting.
  • Online Customer Loyalty Management & Mobile App: SambaPOS V4 already supports wide range of customer loyalty features and this project brings it to online. Customers can visit your website to create promotion coupons, receive personal deals or create feedbacks. All can be done through your website or the mobile application customized for your restaurant. Since it integrates to powerful SambaPOS Rule system you can create rules to send promotion deals to customers that matches specific criteria such as visit count, last visit date or other data.
  • Integration to Online Services: This tool integrates SambaPOS to widely used online ordering, reservation and deal services so you’ll be able to track everything inside SambaPOS without the need of using other applications.