The price changes by its own

It won’t be related to your operating system.

SambaPOS is used by thousands of businesses worldwide, so it isn’t a bug in the software. It will definitely be down to something that has been set in your settings.

You said you checked rounding was all at 0 when QMacKay asked you before. Did you check all the places where rounding could be?

I note you are using V4, I checked these on V4.

You need to check:

Settings > Program Settings > Payment Screen Settings. “Auto Rounding” should be 0.
Products > Tax Templates. Either make sure you have no tax templates, or if you have, make sure “Rounding” is set to 0.
Tickets > Payment Types. For each Payment Type, check Payment Processors, make sure you either do not have, or check Settings for each one and make sure there is no “Rounding” set.
Tickets > Calculation Types. Make sure you don’t have any related to Rounding. Check into each one and make sure “Rounding” is set at 0.

Unless you have added any extra automation / rules, the above are the only places you should need to check.

Also, what exactly happens - if you have a 4.20 ticket and you go to Settle, at which point is it changing to 4.00? Are you being asked for 4.20 or 4.00 payment? If it’s a different amount, please take a screenshot of your Settle screen.

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@Kyrillos please show a screenshot of your payment screen when trying to settle a ticket that has increased in price. Also show a screenshot of your Settings > Tickets > Calculation Types. Finally show a screenshot of the order screen of a ticket before it changes price (Before you close).

As for your comment about me. I apologize if you take me the wrong way. Often I am on my phone and so I type short to the point comments and most of the time we need more information from the person to help them figure out their issue. If you read through the history of my forum activity I have helped multiple thousands of people and I put a lot of effort in trying to help people with SambaPOS.

I did not point out any mistakes you made I simply told you that the information you gave us is not telling us much and we need more information to accurately spot your problem. Somewhere there is a configuration mistake and we need to help you spot it.


Man no need for apologize i just linked your answer that it dosent show much with old post i posted before. u were also trying to help by sending me tutorial but my english didnt help to understand some points when i asked i got like sarcastic answers that i have to read the tutorial the first impression was that and i felt the same by telling me that 4.20 is not showing much. 4.20 is the problem i am facing and i have no idea what i am suppose to post so u can help me i put the problem and i felt it again sarcastic or i am lazy to post more thing or read!
i apologize for miss understanding its all about how the language been translated to understand thats it.
here r the photos u asked for


So that looks normal. I don’t see an increase. Can you show a sample of when it changes price?

Edit nevermind I see it. Do you have a currency defined?

thanks for your answer . i checked them and nothing special here r some photos

right above settle u will see bank

No i didnt add it!

i believe that someone messed the program option up since it dosent have a password and its difficult to find out which one. i think restore is the best option but before that can i have at least the reports and add them again when i restore it?

can i close manage with a password so noone can play with options again?

I did notice you are using CE which is really awful database solution. I highly recommend using SQL express or at least localdb install instead. That probably won’t fix your issue but it would prevent more serious data loss in the future.

Microsoft does not even support CE anymore as it was so bad.

It definitely looks like some rounding going on its probably due to the decimal separator. But it’s hard to say.

This is very odd. I assume those photos are all from the same ticket?

If so, I see:

Order State = New:

Joker (small)       9.95
Brussels (small)    9.95
american potatoes   3.40
Lookbroodjes        2.30

Then when Order State = Submitted:

Joker (small)      10.00
Brussels (small)   10.00
american potatoes   3.00
Lookbroodjes        2.30  <--- no change!

Firstly, price is changing, but also, price of Lookbroodjes does not change from 2.30. The only difference I see on Lookbroodjes is it has an Order Tag.

Can you test what happens with Joker (small) if you add an Order Tag - does it remain at 9.95 or change to 10.00 when submitted?

This is very odd behaviour. I would be inclined to think something is happening at the database level, or possibly someone has messed with some settings within the database (on field rounding or something) - however it doesn’t answer why Lookbroodjes doesn’t appear to be affected.

When an order is New, it isn’t yet saved to the database. Once it is submitted, it is saved to database. This is why I am thinking it looks like it is related to the database.

It’s so long since I dealt with CE database. I suggest you upgrade the database to SQL 2014 LocalDB or SQL Express, the system will run faster also and be more reliable. If there is a configuration issue in your CE database, it likely will be fixed with this as well.

There are step by step instructions here for both installing SQL Server Express 2014 and also converting a CE database to SQL Express:

If you want help to convert the database to SQL LocalDB or Express, I can do it for you for a fee. Just send me a PM.

It could also be a language issue - you use , for decimal separator. Possibly there is a mismatch of language settings in your database that it is expecting a .. It sounds really odd though.

While I agree that CE is junk and should be upgraded, it is highly unlikely that the act of saving the Ticket/Orders to the DB is changing the price. More likely a Rule is doing that, or Calculation, or Rounding, or Tax Template, or Transaction Type. It could even be a Rule causing a change when navigating to Payment Screen (when Settle is clicked).

Kendash asked if there are any Currencies defined… @Kyrillos, show a screenshot of Manage > Settings > Currencies and details of any currencies defined.

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Hello again. Sorry for late reply i just took the database home to see what my pc behavior is.
I will test it first to see if its from the pc there. If not i will upgrade to sql. Last time i upgraded it at home but because it took me days to understand how to convert it i thought its better to leave it like that without a gap in tickets fir the tax office. So i will convert what i have and let you know.
The currency is empty it has nothing in

Is there possibility to make manage button with password so no one misses it up later?
Thank u so much for your help and your time.

Hello again everybody i apologize again i feel my self annoying for asking confusing things

i am trying to download sambapos 4 on the othe pc but i cant find it

do u know where to download it ? last time i downloaded it from this link
thanks a lot

Pretty sure they stopped offering V4…you will need to find someone that can mirror it for you.


This is available in User Roles Permissions …


thank you very much :slight_smile:

I sent you a PM with a link to download V4.