The problem with typing extra items in the check\Проблема с печатанием лишних позиций в чеке

After updating our database to last version (5.22), I found a bug in tickets: sometimes, when waiter closed the ticket, some position changes to another position. For example: I want to sell product “cola”, but after ticket closing this position will be changed to “caesar salad” and printing to kitchen. How I can diagnostic and fix it?

После обновления базы в чеке начали печататься лишние позиций или заменяться выбраные. в чем может быть проблема ?
стоит последняя версия программы

That’s a little hard to understand, show some screenshots.
What do you mean position?

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I mean product.

в чеке появляеться позиция которую не добавляли или в чеке меняеться выбранная позиция на другую

Hard to even begin without more info. Something this blatent would have been noticed by others.
Sure you haven’t changed to product name and it’s just that the menu item header hasn’t been updated?
Ie pressing button that says cola is adding the product which has since been renamed.

It’s my problem too.
So, sometimes, when our waiters tried to print order for kitchen, orders was print with an incorrect product. For example - waiter try to order “Soup”, but in kitchen printing “Bread”. And this mistake repeating sometimes.

It looks like when the waiter closes the ticket, the random product in the ticket changes to another product.

How many clients do you use? And also Mobile Client?

2 right now, without mobile clients.

this is impossible but can you send a db backup and also an error ticket number. So we can look to db what is the problem. please write an email to us:

Ok, I will send today

check your e-mail pls

Ok i saw your email. Our support team will control this situation

So, do you see my DB?