Ticket changed. Your latest changes not saved

Hello, I added print job, printers, add to close rule. And I don’t know what did I changed about ticket status. I just tested the void order I guess. After I added the new order, and then press the ‘close’ button, it showed me ‘ticket changed. your latest changes not saved.’ message and not saving the new order. Also, when I tried to go Pay(Settle) and press cash then it showed this message again.
Eventually, I cannot close all opened tickets now.
Maybe it is an entity problem?? I did a custom layout a little bit.

Thank you in advance!

Are you sure your Print Job actions contain the same name as an actual print job?

Hello @sushi-ro,

Probably in some rules (i.e. Ticket Closing) you are trying to use a Print Job that doesn’t exist in the Execute Sushi Bar Orders Print Job Action.

You can have a look at below similar topic to check it out;


I think you have double kitchen print job in your ticket closing rule.


Thank you for all.
now all print jobs are doing well. But, I have another issue now.

So, after print jobs, the entity is not changing the colour. I forgot what was the default. Can you help me with this?

Also, the colour is changing after the ‘print bill’ button(job), but not with the ‘close’ button(job).

the first screenshot is the entity on the main screen. As you can see, I have no idea why the colour is separate to light gray and dark gray. Light gray entities have no order inside.

Grey is no status at all, ie never been used usually.

Gray means it has non state based color yet. Those are entity states. You need to look at the rules. Available is white, New Orders is orange. You need to look at Entity State changed or Order State changed rules. Decide when you want that entity state to change.

They are entity states though. Not ticket or order states.

I don’t see anything wrong in ‘update new order entity color rule’

Color of the state is already pre-set in Settings > States

In here?? Should I add ‘unpaid’ status??

Yes, that should do it

emm I just read about add states. And software should include Ticket States :
* New
* New Orders
* Unpaid
* Locked
* Paid
by default. So which means, in my software, they are deleted somehow?

Unpaid is not an entity state and will not affect Entities

States exist regardless if you define them in Settings > States. What you see in Settings > States is just formatting for already existing states. The table screen is Entities… specifically Entity States are what would show there.

I did like this. But what you mean is that it won’t affect to entity screen right?

Should I change something in entity type or entity screen?

Nothing you put there will change anything. You already have what you need. You did something else in rules to affect the change.

Also Ticket states have nothing to do with entity color changes.

Show your entity screens settings.

Hi! I add all default states in the tutorial. And it is working well now.

In the ‘order status update rule’, I used ‘new’ / ‘new orders’ for ticket states which weren’t in the setting - states. So, after I add, it is working perfectly for now. If any error comes, I will update. Thank you very much for all.

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I am really sorry for the recurring questions…
The colour changing for new orders is working well now.
But now, I have an issue with ‘entity colour change’ after ‘print bill rule’. I have no idea what I changed.

print bill rule:

entity state ‘Bill Requested’:

Ticket Closing Rule (I don’t know if it is related):

entity screens setting:

All mappings are on.

I still did not figure out. any ideas?

Looks like the color for Bill Requested is set to the same color as New Orders…

Are you sure it is not working? Have you tried setting it to a different color?