Ticket divided by plate of a table

Can I configure the following use case in sambapos?
At a table 3 people sit, the waiter attends the table and asks each one what he wants to eat and sends the kitchen ticket as follows:
1 Sandwich
1 burger
1 order of fries
Note: No mayonnaise
1 Club Sandwich
1 Toast
Note: Without tomato

Example of Ticket for kitchen, only food. The idea is that the cook or chef knows how to place the plate for each diner and make the service more efficient.

Have you looked at order tags? Your example shows what look like more suitable as order tags rather than seperate products.

This is not exactly what you are looking for, but might help start you get started (the animation image looks broken on the page, you will have to click it to view it in a popup).

Not the truth, I have not seen the order label, I apologize if it is an issue that has already been discussed. I will investigate on my side, and if it is in your possibility to share the subject, I will be very grateful.

Something that does not specify, is that a single ticket with plate separators is printed for each diner, and not saturate the kitchen area with so many tickets. One ticket for each new order.

It looks very good, in my case it would be great if it was printed on the same ticket so that the kitchen knows how much it will plate per person.

On your kitchen printer template, there is an option to print by a group. If you used the above tutorial, you would use:

[ORDERS GROUP|ORDER STATE:SeatPosition:5,4,3,2,1]

I’m not sure if the top one will work, the states may have to be defined as in the 2 option.
With the 2 option, you can specify what order you want printed based on the maximum seating you have at 1 table. If you have 10 seats at one table it could look like any variation of this: 10,8,6,4,2,9,7,5,3,1

The second part of the animation where the ticket gets split it just an extra option to give each seat/plate their own receipt. It would not be needed.

Thank you very much Bob, I will try to do the process that you indicate above. Very grateful for your kindness and sharing your knowledge.