[Tutorial] Advanced Positions/Splitting Tutorial

Id like to share this tutorial with everyone on here as I have found it to be the most effective solution for our setups. It includes positions for every order and a split positions feature that will send every position to its own bill. The positions feature can easily be used as “bills” so that person one and two that want the bill together are just marked as position 1 and so one. That way when you hit split positions it automatically does the work in splitting the ticket for you exactly how you want it. If you just use positions per seat you can split everything and merge it back if two or more people are on the same bill. Id like to thank alot of you on this forum for helping me start this a while back.


  1. Can use Barcode scanner to cash them out since its a separate ticket.
  2. Can easily keep track of which dish belongs in which seat.
  3. For big parties it makes splitting tickets ALOT easier.
  4. Print all bills in one click. Thanks @QMcKay :slight_smile:

Print All Checks Tutorial by Q:
Add Print Button to print selected Tickets


looks good! I will have to give this a try

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Missing here the action for update local program setting. Thanks

Update Program setting is there, bottom right, is local = true means local setting.

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My guess Save program setting is differ from Update local program setting.

Your guess?
Save program setting is just what he named his update program setting action…

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You can name them whatever you want but the action is the same.

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This tutorial is realy usefull for me. Thank you verymuch. I do some small chances on codes and i can change SeatPosion by NumberPad. Also i can update Seat Positions.


I have three Entity Screen: HAVUZ, RESTAURANT, ODALAR

I can change tables between those three entity screen.

HAVUZ entity screen has 100 table and table names 1 - 100 numbers.

I wonder after split positions, how can i change those splitted tickets to my HAVUZ tables automatickly. Like:

When i click to Havuza Aktar button,

SeatPosition 32 will change to my table number 32 in HAVUZ entity screen,
SeatPosition 10 will change to my table number 10 in HAVUZ entity screen,
SeatPosition 14 will change to my table number 14 in HAVUZ entity screen,
SeatPosition 21 will change to my table number 21 in HAVUZ entity screen,
SeatPosition 23 will change to my table number 23 in HAVUZ entity screen

and first original table will close after finish change table.