Ticket Lister filter by {ORDER STATE MINUTES:Status}

I create a Entity Screen with a Ticket Lister that show tickets filter by {ORDER STATE MINUTES:Status}.
The screen work very well but don’t shown tickets between 0 and 1 minutes. I mean, the tickets are shown after pass the first minute.
I know that the problem is that from 0 to 1 minute the {ORDER STATE MINUTES:X} don’t have value and the filter limit for tickets with time <= 10. Is like {ORDER STATE MINUTES:X} are NULL from 0 to 1 minute.
I tried to filter with {ORDER STATE MINUTES:X}==NULL or ‘{ORDER STATE MINUTES:X}’==’’ but nothing.
Anybody could say me how can set this filter?


Why do you need to filter between 0 and 1… why not show all tickets even if they are at 0… then in your other screen use the filter to only show late tickets?

I agree. I do it that. But I want split the tickets. If is not posible…ok, I understood.

You may be able to do this more accurately with some of the new State Logging features just released. We need to find out any syntax for pulling that up however.