Ticket Log DateTime only showing Date

I just implement Ticket Logs on v5.1.62 based on the Creating Ticket Logs to Improve Security Tutorial, however the Date Time column only shows the date.

I get the same on reports that use {REPORT TICKET LOG DETAILS:X}

Date is being stored in the database as a C# Ticks value I believe:

Any ideas? @emre

Try using L.LogDate and L.LogTime fields for REPORT TICKET LOG DETAILS.

Yeah that works on the report.

But how about on the Display Ticket Log screen? I need it to work there mainly.

In your tutorial, it was showing date and time.

On a side note, what is the report syntax to use if I want to join the L.LogDate and L.LogTime fields in one column? I tried [L.LogDate]+[L.LogTime], [L.LogDate]+' '+[L.LogTime], [L.LogDate] & ' ' & [L.LogTime] but I think I am missing something? I’m sure I saw a report on the forum before joining 2 strings in one column but can’t find it.

[Cancelled Orders:1,2,2,4]
>Ticket No|Date|User|Details
{REPORT TICKET LOG DETAILS:L.TicketNo,L.DateTime,L.UserName,L.Log:L.Category = "Order Cancelled"}

@emre can I check did you fix this in 5.2.1 beta? I downloaded that on another machine and notice the date time is displaying correctly on that system. Just want to double check you did fix it or if it might have been something related to my setup on the first machine, as if fixed I will need to update 6 terminals at client site to 5.2.1 so they can use ticket log. Thanks.

Displaying time added on 5.2.1

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