Ticket Note for Ticket Order

is it possible to add Ticket Note for Order ?

I would like to state in kitchen order that the order is to be shared or individual.

i know it can be done using order tag but i would prefer button functionality

You can. You would use Tag Order action with the [?Variable] This would popup a keyboard to enter your tag. I will show you in one minute. You want it for each order line right?

Create an Update Order State action with a variable for State:

Create an automation command for the button:

Map Visibility of Command button to Order Line:

Make a rule to handle the button Insert your [?Note to Kitchen] for State in the action:

Here is how it looks!

Now you would have to make sure you do not have any Update order State actions that run on close or before closing or payment processed.

Void will replace it… but it should you would not need the note at that point.

You would need to edit your Kitchen Printer Template to show Order State {ORDER STATE:Note to Kitchen} This would print the order state on the kitchen printer.

Insert the tag under [ORDERS]

No, We want the Tag Order for the ticket not for an order.

So you want 1 message for entire ticket? You mentioned Order and Order Tag so I assumed you wanted it per order. If you just want a note for the entire ticket order I can show you that as well. Order states can stay on close. I am not sure what you mean by it will run on close. But anyway there is a different method for this if you just want a message for the entire ticket order.

Ticket note allows you to send a message with ticket. Unless I am confused on what you want? Can you not just use Ticket Note?

OK I am sorry I think I understand you now. Read bottom part of my tutorial I posted… i show you how to make it show up on the Ticket.

I am confused why you cannot use Order State? It can stay on the ticket at close.

We want to send message to the waiter. But we don’t want to enter message by typing that usually ticket note functionality does. Instead we want just a click of a button send the message to the waiter.

Oh in that case you just hardcode what you want it to say instead of [?Message] you would just type what you want button to say. I will show you give me a minute.

What you need is to store a Ticket Tag.

Make an Update Ticket Tag action:

Make an Automation Command Button:

Make a rule to handle it:

Edit your Kitchen Printer Template to insert {Ticket Tag:Order Shared} Order Shared would be whatever you named your ticket tag when you made the action. Insert it wherever you want it to show on ticket.

Ok. Thanks. It is working now.

Built-in function will give similar results with no need for customization…

There is a Ticket Note button already built-in. Click it and type a note. Then use {NOTE} in your Printer Template.

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He didnt want to type the note is the thing. He wanted pre configured Notes. And currently there is not a Set Ticket Note action :frowning:

Sounds good. Just making sure the feature wasn’t overlooked :wink:

@emre I think a situation like this an Update Ticket Note action would be useful :stuck_out_tongue:

@QMcKay Sorry not trying to call you out just wasnt sure if you realized that Ticket Note had been discussed already earlier in thread.

this is somewhat i was requiring

but i still face this problem that when i click on either button “individual/sharing” i am not able to see the value on ticket tag unless i close the ticket and open again then i can view?

why is that? do i need to refresh the ticket ?

And the reason to avoid “Note” is time because everytime you will have to type

You can add Display Ticket action after your Update Order Status action in the Automation Command rule. I will put a screenshot up in few minutes. The reason I did not tell him to put it in there is because He does not need to see it on the screen… he just wants it printed on the ticket.

Use a Display Ticket action set it to 0 for Ticket Id. 

Put it in the same rules as the Automation Command Executed rule.. put it after your Update Order Status action.

Another tip for ya… you do not have to use 2 buttons… you can make 1 button and if you press it multiple times it will cycle the messages you want to send. Screenshots coming in a second to show you…

You would need to edit your Update Ticket Tag action as follows:

Now you will have 1 button and when you press it… it will toggle between the commands.


Before Pressing. No Ticket note yet:

ok gud feature but confusing for user to get familiar…i need to ask parameter after click on the button


If you want to clear it you would need a 2nd button with action of Update Ticket Tag with a Blank Tag Value

Yes you could add an ask question action in the button press… For confirmation.

I personally think just pressing a button is pretty easy to do :stuck_out_tongue: