Ticket Note is not showing on kitchen printer template

Ticket note is not showing on kitchen printer

Kitchen printer templatet is

<L00>Table:{ENTITY NAME:Table}
<L00>Ticket No:{TICKET NO}


<J00>- {QUANTITY} {NAME}|**Void**

-- Format for order tags
<L00>     * {ORDER TAG NAME}

That wouyld be because you dont have ticket note in the temple!
Add {NOTE} within the [LAYOUT] section.

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@padthai it only prints what you tell it to print by using the Printer Template. If you do not put the tag for Note in the template then it will simply not print it. So like JTRTech said try putting {NOTE} in your template maybe put it after {ORDERS} like this:

<L00> {NOTE}

Thanks @JTRTech and kendash

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Ticket Note is showing on each item of the order. how to assign a ticket note to a single product

For example

If I would like to assign ticket note (order Note) to spring roll only

Here you can find related info for order based descriptions. See “Free Tagging” section.


that what exactly I wanted Thanks @emre