Ticket # of cancelled tickets

I noticed that if I Cancel a ticket (if not yet closed - just added some items then cancelled), a ticket # is still assigned to that ticket. Therefore, if I then open a new ticket, the new ticket gets a ticket # in sequence after the cancelled ticket. Whilst I understand that the cancelled ticket still exists in the database, it does not show anywhere in the UI, therefore to the user it looks like there are “missing tickets”.

Just had a business owner ask me about this and how he can see these cancelled tickets, because he felt that missing ticket #s in the sequence might look to his partners like someone was deleting transactions / trying to hide something. I can understand his concern, and although I have given him the explanation that the cancelled ticket still exists, I feel it would be good if there was a way these can be seen from the UI.

Is that ticket ID or ticket number?
Ticket number doesnt go up for cancelled ticket?

Cancelled tickets are not in the database. To be sure we are not in a terminology conflict your talking about adding orders and then canceling them before ticket is closed or orders submitted right?

Fact is nothing is written to the database until submitted. Did you have multiple terminals? Was orders being taken on other terminal at same time?

I imagine this behavior is exactly because of that. For accounting purpose use ticket ID and not Ticket number. Ticket number is mostly for flow while Ticket ID is number assigned to actual submitted tickets.

You can’t delete transactions without directly doing it from database via scripts or directly. Sambapos will not allow transactions to be deleted.

I am referring to ticket number, not ticket ID. There is just one terminal.

I was mistaken, I recall from reading before that nothing is saved to the database until you submit the ticket. However the ticket number increment goes up each time you open a ticket.

I have a “Cancel Order” button added that cancels all items on a ticket (before submitted). As an example flow, if I open ticket 1, then submit. Then open ticket 2, then cancel order. Then open a new ticket, this ticket is given ticket number 3, even though ticket number 2 no longer exists. This was the issue that was causing concern by the business owner, as he was concerned the “missing” ticket 2 might be considered as some fraud happening.

I realised now too that you don’t even need to cancel an order to have this happen. If I just open a new ticket then immediately click “Close”, it still increments the ticket number.

As I fully understand the reason why the ticket number is incremented, especially in such case like with a multi-terminal setup, and I also know with my own business it is irrelevant to have sequential ticket numbers - all that matters is they are unique for each sale. The concern that was raised to me by the business owner is that he was concerned what others may perceive of these “missing” ticket numbers. As I now understand it is only down to the ticket number increment happening each time a ticket is opened, there is nothing that can be “shown” to what these “missing” tickets are, as they are not saved anywhere.

You mention about using the ticket ID for accounting purposes, where can I see this?

No it won’t increment ticket number. It happens when you first close or print ticket. Maybe you’re triggering a printing on ticket close or something like that happens.

If you’re canceling a submitted order instead of voiding it it should cause a concern by the business owner. You should void submitted tickets. Not cancel.