Ticket Payment Type Correction


We have cases where cash tickets are closed choosing “Credit Card” instead of “Cash” by mistake, or vica versa.

Is there a way the admin user can amend these mistakes since due to such mistakes cash/credit card collection values are reported incorrectly?



Thanks. I will take a look at it after the closing.

Thanks once again. However, following each step carefully, I still could not get the “Re Open” button displayed on the displayed settled ticket view. Any suggestions? Appreciate help :slight_smile:

Show the Mapping for the “Reopen” Automation Command Button.

This is the mapping…

And General Settings

Where do you mean exactly? Show a screenshot of where you expect it to be displayed.

Your mapping looks fine, but maybe the Ticket you are looking at does not have Status = Paid. Check the Status State at the top of the Ticket.

I expect to see the button on the left side. This is a paid ticket.

So your mapping is for Paid state but your using a different language? It must match. Looks like you changed it.

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Bingo !!! THANKS. That solved it. I have it visible now.