Ticket Tag Allowing Ticket Close Option

As we know, a ticket tag setup within ticket tags allows ticket close without an entity.
While this is useful for switch user and other features however can lead to tickets slipping out of viability.
Yes we could constrain close ticket button etc again other things if dealing with many entities this can become very complex.
While un-configured tags do not allow ticket close what if tags are wanted for things like table covers, you wouldn’t want to be able to close the ticket just because ticket covers qty is chosen
What I thought was what if it was as simple as an option on ticket tag settings as to weather or not the tag allowed ticket close?
Does that make sense, do am I missing something you can enlighten me.


I never thought of this but you are right, it does make sense to have a way to specify if a ticket tag would allow closing of a ticket.

Even if you have the Ticket Creation Method in the Department set to Select Entity, you can still remove that entity then add a ticket tag and close the ticket. I can’t see anywhere to restrict this, unless like you say adding constraints but I think an “out of the box” solution would be better.

What is the difference in setting a tag to allow closing or not vs setting that tag as a constraint in the Ticket Closing event? I guess ease of setup?

You wouldn’t be defining the tag though would you… == or != against tag would not work.
You would need to define entities.
The switch user tag only stays on ticket while held, you couldn’t say allow close if not null as would prevent normal close on table.
If im missing something please point it out but pretty sure its not that simple.

Can you explain what you mean by this? The only time a ticket disappears is if there is no orders.

I mean wihtout going into ticket list and digging it up, it is not on an entity.

You constrain it just like anything else. Sorry maybe I said wrong event. You constraint Close Ticket action from firing if it contains that tag.

The given example was table covers tag…
So I constrain close ticket to not fire if ticket tag for table covers is set?

You can build Entity Screens that filter Ticket Tags btw.

Do you want tickets that have Table Covers tag to be able to be closed?

No, that was the point, it would bypass need for entity on tickets which need entity.
Select entity required not appropriate as also for bar where entity selection would not be wanted.

I do know that, use it for held tickets/switch user setup however to have entity screen just for access to tickets which were allowed to close without entity because of cover tag doesn’t seem like a solution to me…

Ok so if you do not want tickets to be able to close with that tag then constrain it or use a different method… I am having hard time understanding what this would solve.

I mean I am thinking maybe Ticket Tags is not good solution for what your using it for if we need to add this kind of option…

I was under the impression tags were the recommended solution for things like cover count?

The constraint would be ludicrous unless there is a new expression for ‘if any entity selected’…

On the flip side I would say how many reasons are there for allowing ticket to be closed purely on ticket tag :wink:

You said tickets might get lost and you have to search for them so I mentioned that no you could create or add to existing entity screen that can also filter those tags.

Here is a use for my live system:I dont use Entities for most of my orders but I still want them to close without payment I track those on a screen by ticket tag instead of Entity.

Hmm it certainly has been proven to work but its not the only solution. Perhaps it was the best one so far or perhaps someone else hasnt come up with a better one. Maybe someone has but hasnt shared it…

Thats beside the point and not what I was getting at though.

To more constructive, line, as I said, if Im missing something please enlighten me.
We always end up in these kind of debates LOL…
So whats your suggestion? States I guess…

PS: I dont think its a bad idea but I am trying to understand what it solves.

We get in debates because I am looking at a larger picture and your looking at a specific problem you need for your situation. These debates are good though.

Using tags without allowing ticket to be closed because of the tag is what it solves :stuck_out_tongue:

You sound like a programmer now :stuck_out_tongue: I am not asking about that. I mean what is it preventing you from doing?

Lets say he adds that option… it might solve the one thing your doing… but what else is it going to do for other people? Is that the right solution or should we look at a deeper idea?

Correctly controlling the user flow.