Ticket template preview does not work with my V4 Restored database

Hi there,

I follow a guide to restore V4 database on SambaPOS V5. All seems to went as smooth as butter. However, I noticed that now the ticket preview features is not working. and it fault seems to be from my old V4 database as I also tried a fresh sample DB and this features seems to work.

additional info:

  • V4 DB = SQL server 2014, same for the current running SQL server.

  • V4 DB from SambaPOS 4.1.82

  • Running SambaPOS 5.1.57, white theme because I’m used to it more XD

  • Actual ticket still prints just fine (ESC/POS), and demo printer still works as intended. Just the preview isn’t working. So I’m not too worried about it not working, But I think it might still be worth reporting if it turns out to be a bug.

  • Anything else I should provide ?

Have you come out of manage to go in to POS to print?
Did you close the template?
Reports does that is you go back to main menu to go to actual reports section without closing the tab etc.
Close all managment tabs logout and restart samba.

I saved the template & I tried restarting SambaPOS, but still no luck :frowning:

Any actual sales in system yet?
Not sure what its used for the sample/preview, think its last ticket closed.

yep, the first time SambaPOS warned me about that too :). Still nothing though.

I’m currently trying to setup customer Display from these turorials and it’s awesome :smile:

Unfortunately, without this ticket template preview feature, it adds a bit more work to test :frowning:

To use preview you must run a ticket first.

I think I already did :(.

I have like 10+ ticket transactions already

Hmm I’ve never noticed an issue with it. Try closing WP and opening new one then run ticket then check preview.

Did you tested how default templates works? If they works fine post your template here so we can test if it is template related.

I’m not sure if it is the issue with template as the default “Customer Receipt Template” that I haven’t touched before still shows nothing in the preview :smile:

Also tried closing WP and opening new one then run ticket then check preview. Still no go :frowning:
What did i just do on my V4 to mess up the DB this badly :laughing: :sweat_smile:

That is a Transaction Template. It is not used for Tickets. It will print Transaction Documents. If you have not created any Tx Docs, you will not see a preview.

P.S. The name of that Template is slightly deceiving. It is not meant for Tickets/Receipts. It is meant for Account Transactions/Documents, like paying with Customer Account, making payment to a Customer Account, or paying suppliers, expenses, etc. It shows fund transfers between Accounts. Tickets, or Customer Receipts are something different.

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Aha screenshots worth thousand words.

@emre Yes it also has problem with my old DB , i mean i converted V4 to V5 back up restore may be this mighta a problem? But i tried creating new databse and thats works fine . And reports shows good only tickets not showing thanks.

Can you send me a backup?

Sure. Thanks XD

Edit:File Removed.

OK. SambaPOS searches for default printer named as ticket printer to determine printer settings. On next update I’ll also check printer assigned to local terminal so you can either create a printer named as “Ticket Printer” or wait for next update.

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