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Ticket Title Text no longer aligned and no option to change the text to white after upgrade to v5?

Use formatting tags like font and size within the title

can you send me some examples please?

Look up the v5 features post I suggest you read thrrough it. That post lists most new features in v5.

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This is what I have in my Rules for Showing Tendered Amount when payment processed.

Tendered:|[=F(’[:TenderedAmount]’)]\rChange Due:| [=FF(’[:ChangeAmount]’,’#,##0.00’)]

Can someone guide me on how the get the text in white and aligned?

For text just put < color white > before your expression and < \ color > at the end

(Remove the spaces)

To align youll probably need to use a block or panel tag, im sure i did a tutorial for this ill have a look

<color White>Tendered: [=F('[:TenderedAmount]')]<br/>Change Due: [=FF('[:ChangeAmount]','#,##0.00')]</color>


<color #FFFFFFFF>Tendered: [=F('[:TenderedAmount]')]<br/>Change Due: [=FF('[:ChangeAmount]','#,##0.00')]</color>

Here you go my tutorial


Okay guys, I’ve had zero success.

As my original post shows, I need the font color in white and the tendered and change due amounts aligned.

Is anyone able to get this working and export the .txt files.?

So show your work so we can spot your mistake. They showed you how.

My tutorial shows you exactly where to put the tags to change colour and how to align the text.

Just copy my example and change to your needs

I already posted what I have, here it is:

Tendered:|[=F(’[:TenderedAmount]’)]\rChange Due:| [=FF(’[:ChangeAmount]’,’#,##0.00’)]

Adding the color tags does not do anything. As I mentioned before it was aligning in v4 but not in v5.

Appreciate the link to your setup, but thats not what Im after. I simply want to see the Tendered Amount and Change Amount aligned. I have tried using your formatting to get where I need but no luck.

I have changed the background in the action to Orange, so the font is more readable but still have a alignment issue as shown in my original post.

So you did not show what you tried. I know you showed the expression that is not what I asked. The tags they showed you works. Show us what you tried.

Adding color tags works if it did nothijng then you made a mistake but we can’t see it to help you unless you show us.

The link to my setup works perfect and aligns everything central. You just need to change the tags to the ones relevant to the info you want to display

Like kendash said, if you dont show what youve tried we cant see where youve gone wrong

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I think there was a small change to the ticket header in V5 i remember having an issue with it and we needed to put <L> at the start of the expression line.

I have created exactly what you want to do, here’s how:

  1. Create the following “Update Application Subtitle” action

  2. Create the following “Ticket Closed” rule

Copy and paste the following expression in the “Title” field
<L><bold><block 0,0,0,0 Red center 600><size 50><color white>Tendered: £[=F(TN('{TENDERED TOTAL}'),'0.00')]</color></size></block> <br/> <block 0,0,0,0 Red center 600><size 35><color white>Change Due: £[=F(TN('{CHANGE TOTAL}'),'0.00')]</color></size></block></bold>

Enter Red for background colour

Set Height to whatever you require, mine is set at 148

This is how it looks once complete:
Add product

Complete payment and ticket closes


Thank you @RickH

I’m very pleased with the result. Working Great.

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