Rick's Tutorial 13 - Ticket Title - Display Ticket Total and Number of Items

Here’s what it will look like

Here are the steps to achieve it

  1. Create an “Update Application Subtitle” action as below

  2. Create a second “Update Application Subtitle” action as below, this will be used to clear the header after the ticket is closed, otherwise when you start the POS the previous sales details will be shown until you add an order to the ticket. (You could also probably use 1 action with variables and define them in the rule instead of using 2 separate actions)

  3. Create a “Ticket Total Changed” rule as below

In the title field these are the settings to enter for the header to look like mine from the first screenshot i posted

<font Calibri><block 0,0,0,0 #FF4BACC6 center 600><size 70>Total: £[=F('{REMAINING TOTAL}')]</size></block> <br/> <block 0,0,0,0 #FF4BACC6 center 600><size 35>Number of Items: {TICKET QUANTITY SUM}</size></block>
  1. Create a “Ticket Closed” rule as below

This is the flow, add or remove items and the header updates each time the ticket total is changed (add or remove orders, discounts etc)

when ticket is paid and closed the header then disappears until a new order is added


On step 3 “Create a “Ticket Total Changed” rule as below”

I do not have the two actions you have used in my list.

could you provide more detail about these actions and what info to enter when setting it up.

Here is the first action actually is Step No 1, the Refresh is not necessary, Height is up to you …

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Yep thats it just another update application subtitle action, refresh ticket action not needed im going to update tutorial to remove that

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