Ticket Type mapping not exported for automation commands

Hi @emre

I was exporting changes to I had made in my test system into our production version of Samba.

I had added a new ticket type to distinguish between takeaway and in house tickets. I had specific automation commands mapped to each type of ticket.

However, when I imported it the mapping on the automation commands had gone and they were all default “*”.

I believe this is a bug in the export tool.

I had the same mapping on rules, actions, etc which all exported and imported without issue, so I think the problem is specifically with the automation command mappings. I also had other settings in the automation command mappings that all imported correctly, it was only tickettype that was effected.

I’m happy to share my input file if this will help.

Thanks again for your brilliant product!

oh one last thing, i think this error is highlighted in this post:

but not specifically resolved, so it looks like i’m not the only one who has experienced this issue.

Mapping to Terminal, Ticket Type, or Department may not be supported because what if the system does not have the specified ticket types or departments etc when its imported? @emre can you look at this and let me know if I am mistaken or not?

Looking at the output it does include basic mapping for enabled states etc but no UserRole, Department, or Ticket Type.

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So the export tool is smart enough to note that a product\rule\etc is being refrenced in the export but isn’t being exported.

Why wouldn’t it also flag if a ticket type is being referenced but not being exported along with the mapping ?