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What I am saying is you can create a system that is just as easy for end user. Might be more difficult to setup. Have you tested Entity Updated Event? Use show message to test it properly.


Yea Ive tried that and it doesnt work. I think thats like you said when you update a ticket with the entity assigned to it. Sucks cause it would have been perfect to fire rules based on those custom data fields.


I’ve tried to create command buttons to fire a rule but even that doesn’t seem to work with the entity search.


You could create your own employer search screen and when employee selected it shows status and one button to change status.


It works with custom screen and search widget.


True but I did like the idea of having it under the section to edit the entity so I could change the time clock pin and the active or inactive status along with the phone number and any other custom data I want to add to keep track of employees


You can do all of that without using the aearch. You could make one much better.


I wouldn’t even know where to start with that.


Well your not gonna make the impossible work. Maybe start looking into it. The punch editor screen would give you a good start it has some things you can use.

You won’t be able to make the search widget work like you want.


I’m going to give this a shot today… what’s the best way to feed the {ENTITY NAME} value to a rule using a automation command with the search entity widget. Can’t find any examples on here to build off of.


Also do I even need to set a state?.. Can I create a rule for the time clock where it looks at the custom data field and if it’s active it will allow the rule to run and if it’s set to inactive or null it will not run? I was thinking I needed to set a state to be able to control if a rule is ran based on the state. But if I can do it the other way that would also work!


Not really sure what your automation looks like but if you have the entity name available to the automation you will be able to use that to get to the custom data without duplicating into state.


trying to use this custom button to get the entity name from the entity search that ive selected but it only gives me a number when i select a entity and press the button…


I i select the entity and press enter tho on the keyboard it shows the entity name in the message box instead of the number… Right now i just have a rule setup that shows the message to see if its even loading the name…


What number.
So is 4322 the primary field value for test bob?


I have no idea lol… not sure where that number is coming from. I believe name is the primary field for the entity. But like I said that’s if I press the test=load entity automation button… if i press the enter key on the keyboard or the onscreen keyboard while the entity is selected it pops up with the entity name not that number…


Hmmmm, not sure what that number is…


Show your entity type settings.



Hmm so i changed the command value on the widget from {ENTITY NAME} to {ENTITY ID} and when i select the entity and press enter on the keyboard i get the same number. Still not sure why it doesnt work with the automation button tho.


Well to get around this I just used the Select command button… so now when i have a user highlighted i can press that button and it will ask me to activate to deactivate a employee… this way I can filter my clock in and clocked out users on a entity grid without showing inactive users.