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Well, I think I basically have everything tricked out the last thing im struggling with is how to print a punch when a employee clocks in and out along with the total hours for the week… im using this report but im not sure how to pass the entity name to it…

[Time Clock:1,1,1,1,1,1,1]
>Employee|In Date|Out Date|PunchIn|PunchOut|Hours
{REPORT ENTITY STATE DETAILS:L.EntityName,L.StartDate,L.EndDate,L.StartTime,L.EndTime,=F([L.Hours]):(ELSN=TCStatus) AND EntityStateLog.GetHours()>0 AND (ELSS=PunchIn) AND (ELEN={ENTITY NAME})}
>>Total Hours: {REPORT ENTITY STATE DETAILS:([L.Hours]).Sum:(ELSN=TCStatus) AND EntityStateLog.GetHours()>0 AND (ELSS=PunchIn) AND (ELEN={ENTITY NAME})}



Update… got it working… now It all brings me back to my original question… How to change the reports from military 24hr time to 12hr am pm.


I think samba uses your pc time settings, is your pc using 24hr format?


Not its not… its using 12hr


You have to convert it using expressions.


Does the expression need to go into the script or the reports?


Leave script as is. Convert it anywhere your reporting it.


Do you have an example of that type of expression?


No not right now but there are tons on the forum. You could just do simple math to it.


hmm ive tried to add this for my report… FT([L.StartTime],‘hh’) but it doesnt seem to be working…

This is what my report looks like…

[End of Shift Time Clock Report:1,1.2,1,1,1,.2]
>{SETTING:REntity} Clocked Out at {DATE} - {TIME}
{REPORT ENTITY STATE DETAILS:,L.EntityName,L.StartDate,FT([L.StartTime],‘hh’),L.EndTime,=F([L.Hours]):(ELSN=TCStatus) AND EntityStateLog.GetHours()>0 AND (ELSS=PunchIn) AND (ELEN={SETTING:REntity})}
>>Total Hours This Week:			{REPORT ENTITY STATE DETAILS:([L.Hours]).Sum:(ELSN=TCStatus) AND EntityStateLog.GetHours()>0 AND (ELSS=PunchIn) AND (ELEN={SETTING:REntity})}


Here are a few screenshots of my time clock setup… Starting to really dig it!


I have a quick question… is it possible to access a entity screen even if a work period has ended. Mainly for just the time clock to be able to clock in and out before or after the work period has ended.


Yes you can with navigate.


I asked this a long time ago when you were using timetrex and batch scripts for time clock… funny how things always come back around… I’ve searched and can’t find a answer. Is there a way to hide the pin number with * or something when a user is clocking in? Its not a huge deal but would be nice if a user doesn’t want someone to see their pin. Also is there a way to have samba auto generate a 4 digit PIN for a entity when creating their employee entity account for the time clock.


Just curious but have you seen our new beta time clock?


Um no lol… I would love to tho!


Are you part of beta forum?


Didn’t even know a beta forum existed.


Ok one moment I’ll add you.