Time Clock: Linked to SambaPOS Users with Custom Reports

There are several ways to do this. I am toying around with Table Views right now I think it will be my favorite. We can also pull SQL data for it, and some of it can be done with tags. I personally think Table Views will be the best looking and easiest implementation.

How does this look so far?

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It looks great @Jesse,
bTW,What is the difference between the types of reports? Custom Report, Table report.

They are both custom reports… Table is just a way to view the custom report.

Okay :blush: I’m waiting for you post the Total row :wink:

Does that look good to you? Or did you need something else added?

It looks great…

Ok I am uploading new database tool file that will have new reports. Ill update this post when its done uploading.

EDIT: New file is uploaded. You can just import it and it will update your reports to new ones and not affect anything else. Unless you changed something. You will of course need to copy the format to any new employees in the reports just as the instructions say but I think you understand that already :stuck_out_tongue:

you Can guess who’ll ask if I need to add something :wink:
Thank you so much I really appreciate
new database tool file Not conflict with existing installed?
I should also take consider that I’ve changed all the names of the rules and actions
Translate them into my language.
Could you please send me the export of separately report only?

When I change the name of the report to the name of the employee It removes the Total row

I will have to show you how to recreate in a quick step by step. I guess that clears those settings. I will post one shortly.

Finally after you get it how you want right click one of the cells again and choose save then logout and log back in.

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Yes I should probably show a tutorial on it. I chose to do the Database Tools File because I wanted to update it anyway with the new reports. But since it obviously loses any View Editor settings when you change name of report I will need to include this tutorial with the file because anyone using it will of course need to add their own employees.

I will write a better more formal looking tutorial later on today and link it as a Readme into the download.

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@emre I fear I already know the answer but I am going to ask anyway. Would it be possible for it to save any changes made to the Table view even if we change the Name of the Report?

I am curious @pizzaeilat4 are you using this TimeClock on a production system? If so is it meeting your needs? Any suggestions for improvement? I am very happy with it but I have this crazy addiction to attempt to improve things haha.

I would love to eventually have a more dynamic way of creating these reports instead of having to hardcode the employees to the reports. It would probably need @emre to assist if we ever did. But for now I think its working very well.

I also would like to have the option of viewing Week, Month, Year etc from the Operations Custom Entity Screen kind of like how you can do that from the Reports Module.

Couldn’t understand this :blush:

Sorry let me explain, I converted the report to a Table as you can see above. I enabled the ShowTotalSummary as you can see. I saved the layout by right click and choosing save. I logged out and logged back in just to be sure it saved… IT did save it. I chose edit report and changed the name of the report from Jesse Detail Wages Report to Melissa Detail Wages Report and all of the View Editor settings disappeared and reset. I had to right click the Cells and enable ShowTotalSummary again and reset all my customizations to the TotalSummary row.

I have a feeling its probably something similar to why I couldn’t Save colors in the Pivot table… but I thought I would ask.

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Oh OK sorry I saw it. I shouldn’t read from bottom to top :slight_smile:

Let me check this.

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@Jesse What do you mean when you say “production system”?
I’m sorry, my English is very basic.

I feel that it works great,
i whish time clock calculates the number of hours and hourly rate changes accordingly? To calculate overtime
For example: up to 8 hours he get 100% of his pay rate
From 9 to 11 hours he get 125% of his pay rate from 12 and beyond he get 150% of his pay rate
Also need to change pay rate depending on holidays,I guess you could use a trigger to set Dates and times that we define in advance to change pay rate to a holidays rate.

I’m doing what you mention using Custom Reports, SQL and a Stored Program Setting for Holidays. There are a couple examples contained in the Tutorial, but they need updating to more current code. I can spend some time tomorrow updating the code in the Tutorial if you’re interested. EDIT: the code has now been updated in the Tutorial.

My Production System with 4 Employees uses a combination of 9 Reports (4 Hour Reports - one for each Employee, 4 Pay Reports - one for each Employee, 1 Overall Payroll Report - contains Pay Amounts for all 4 Employees) and 11 SQL Scripts (all dynamic, not Employee-based, so no requirement to add more SQL for more or less Employees).



I plan to work all of that into mine as well probably use something similar to what @qmckay has done

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