Time Clock: Linked to SambaPOS Users with Custom Reports




No I still use timetrex. I just want simple reports etc that are pulled from samba. Timetrex handles the actual payroll.

I am sorry I have not posted any work on it. Its a complicated setup and so I am taking my time.


Are you still recording the punches in timetrex?


Yes you have too for it to process payroll


Are you still implementing the punches though the batch file based on the user id number?


if i buy the database tool module i can import ur setting? does that overwrite my current menu and other setting like the kitchen display etc? ie i need to set everything else again?


@superlik database tools module useful to import / export database configurations and adds some other useful features as featured here How to use Database Tools Module

Some restaurant owners like you shares their configurations to help other users for setting up their systems and they mostly prefer database tools as it allows merging configurations easily. Of course it intended to work without changing your current configuration but nobody can guarantee that will just work without issues as everybody’s setup is different. So create backups in advance and make such imports on training mode to ensure it works fine with your configuration.

Alternatively you can follow tutorials to learn how it works and implement your own solution perfectly customized for your needs. This is always the best choice.


Yes I am for now but I am practicing and hoping for a cleaner API call method.


Wish I could give a like to a specific piece of text in a post. I would definitely give this bad boy a big Like Button Press.


i tried to follow step to step guide, but my basic not strong and really need a step to step guide to set it up. I will buy the database tool and give it a go.

thanks for this brilliant community, great to see that sambapos getting better every single day


@kendash i didnt get the point

Name and Pin should be same as their User Name and User Pin

and when imported the file no sample employee were included!!


That means you’ll create a separate Employee entity for each user you have. Entity names should match to user names. You should also set pin numbers for entities.


I did not include sample Entities I included sample reports for you to edit to your liking. You need to create the entities as they would be unique to your business. Edit the names in the sample reports to match the entities as I described in the tutorial.


ok got that point i am still facing another problem

when i login in samba i can clock in but when i click on time clock and enter the pin it doesnot do anything. so how do i clock out?


Did you make sure you set pin in the entity not just user.


yes both have been set


I tested it out of box just now multiple times and it works just fine. can you give some screenshots of the entities, the task type, and the rule Time Clock_Load Entity On Pin Entry



how would I set entity name and pin?
when I ‘add entity’ there is no space to enter pin
I set the entity type #employee


You used the import file? If you used the import file you simply go to Add entity and select Employees for Entity Type then the option to set a Pin pops up.


no I have not
I was trying to implement this without importing
if im in over my head I will resort to it eventually

any suggestions are welcome