Time Clock: Linked to SambaPOS Users with Custom Reports

:bangbang: It is wise to backup of your database and test this first before putting into production

Download Link:

Operational Flow:

Clock In:

  • Employee enters pin or scans badge to log in to SambaPOS4
  • Time clock greets employee by name and gives option to Clock In or Cancel
    • If employee chooses Clock In it records a punch and logs them into SambaPOS
    • If employee chooses Cancel it takes them back to the User Log In screen of SambaPOS4

Clock Out:

  • Employee navigates to the Time Clock entity screen from the Table screen or by pressing Time Clock button if Create Ticket is used for Department.
  • Employee enters their Pin or Scans their badge using the on screen prompt
  • Employee is greeted by name with the option to Clock Out or Cancel
    • If Clock Out is pressed it records a punch and logs the user out of SambaPOS
    • If Cancel is pressed it send the Employee back to the Time Clock screen

:green_book: While Clocked In any ticket that is created it will add the Employee Entity to the Ticket viewable only by Admin and Custom Reports

:warning: After employee is Clocked In and they are performing daily duty they can log out of SambaPOS and it will not record a punch allowing other Employees to use the same terminal.

Required Actions:

  • Setup role Employee add Employee Users and Pin numbers
  • Setup your Employee Entities by going to Entities > Entities and then Add Entity
  • Choose Employee for Entity Type - Enter Name and Pin
    :exclamation:Name and Pin should be same as their User Name and User Pin:exclamation:
  • Configure Custom reports as Follows:
  • Custom Report Name should be the following format: <Employee Name> Detail Wage Report: Example - Jesse Detail Wage Report. Create a copy of the report for each Employee.
  • Edit each report and change (ELEN=Jesse) to (ELEN=<Employee Name>) - <Employee Name> = Your Employee’s Name

:exclamation: Included are two samples one for an Employee Jesse and one for an Employee Melissa for reference

Screen Shots:

Select Entity Mode:

Create Ticket Mode:


Let me know if you run into any issues or notice any mistakes. I will add to this and show step by step later tonight but right now I am leaving it with just Database Tools file. It uses TC_ for all actions and Time Clock_ for all rules… so it is safe to import to your database and not have naming conflicts.

I will also add the Custom Report and Management Screen later tonight.

:warning: IMPORTANT This is a working Time Clock… it will not show you Employee hours worked until you create a Custom Report to pull that data. I will be including this report later tonight hopefully. I have not built it yet.

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So have you abandoned timetrex? Or does this have the ability to tie into it?

No I have not. I will include that separately inside the timetrex tutorial I have some special goodies to show for that :slight_smile:

Wow great job, @kendash & @QMcKay
well done.Is the export file also includes a custom report to employees so that we can see how many hours they worked each day?

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It will when I finish the report. I’ll let you know when I update the file.

UPDATE: I am trying to grasp the Report tags so far I am having trouble getting them to work. I may resort to using SQL but I am trying not too lol.

@antasp3136 this actually enhances the TimeTrex integration. I am able to eliminate several steps and make it more fluid.

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@Jesse How can users without Custom Report module installed get the Time Clock reports?

They would have to create their own SQL reports. Right now from within Samba custom reports would be the only way.

Now, I have reason to buy custom report now :wink:
Help support SambaPOS


I am going to do more than just make a report. I am going to make an interactive management screen that uses a Task Type Editor as input so you will litarally just type an employee name, Pin, last name, any thing you link to your entities… and it will pull up the report for that specific person. I will also add other cool features into it as well I think it will be worth to wait to see what I am coming up with. Its pretty cool.

The report will be for that specific employee and it will have Time Clock info, Pay rates, Average Tables, Average Sales… and other stuff I have not yet thought of. It will all be dynamically pulled up when you type the search string into the task type editor.

This is why its taking me a bit longer to do this… I could just throw a report in there but you should know me by now I dont like simple :stuck_out_tongue: Well thats not true… I do think of simplicity when I design stuff I just do not want to settle for basic when I can have full featured.


You make me buy custom report. Now, I have to learn again :smiley:
Actually, you should only make Database tools so, ppl have to buy lol

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A quick sample at progress. I think I have the layout done I am now preparing the reports and then will build the function backend.

Redesigning it again. Can you guess what might be in the boxes??

Another update:

Its getting closer to me being happy with design… any ideas feel free to chime in.


Schedule???.. and hours worked???.. just a guess.

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@pizzaeilat4, @antasp3136, @allmixedup
I have updated the file it now includes custom reports, checks to force 30 minutes between clock out and clock in and 15 minutes between clock in and clock out. You can edit this to whatever you need. I have also added provisions for Null entity states if you reset any State data for any reason.

:new: New Feature: Operations Screen

Operations screen will now let you Type in an Employee Name or Pin to view their specific Wage Report.



@antasp3136 I will be posting a very comprehensive NEW Timetrex integration tutorial soon. I am rewriting the integration it is now using built in features of Samba instead of all the extra script calling.

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Can’t wait to see what you got @kendash !!!

dear @Jesse, Thanks so much for a wonderful implementation.
I only have one little question
How can we add a line to the report for total hours and wages?
Thanks in advance.

dear @Jesse,
Is it possible? I deal with it for quite some time
And the more I try the more I’m frustrated about it :frowning:

Yes sorry was really busy today I’m eating dinner but since its something I want as well ill get to it asap.

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Thank you very much @Jesse , it certainly will help my headache :wink: