Time Clock & Punch Editor - Custom Navigation Flow: Uses Employee Entities not Users


Many thanks, I will do that for sure.
To avoid get the same complain from others, could you please add that as general comment " it works with V5.1.53 "


Well that is supposed to be automatic based on how they work. If you look at my question above it may be a bug with internal system we are using. Hopefully Emre will answer me soon.


Thanks … It seems I missed that point.

However, automatic check is great idea to solve that


If its possible, just remove the password to enter in POS. The rest I don´t use anyway. Everytime we need enter in POS, we need to put the password and we don´t have time for that. The rest can stay.


Do you have autologout enabled?
By default samba wouldn’t go back to login screen.


Sorry, is not this. My mistake.
Since I put the time clock, every time I want enter in the tables, POS button, I need put a password, so if I come out to reports or something I need to put a password again. I would like to remove all as soon I don´t use but if is not possible like they told me, at least remove that password.


This is a custom flow time clock built by me. Yes you can remove that but it would require complete rewrite of the way its built something I do not plan to do. I suggest you study it and learn how to edit it to work how you want. This is not an official SambaPOS Time Clock its a user configured setup which I shared.

PS @JTRTech he is talking about the way I require my Employees to enter their password to access POS.

This flow was built to replace Users with Entities and instead of requiring different usernames the Employee simply enters their pin to gain POS access the rest of the functions are user based. So the way the flow works is for routine things like checking reports, logs ticket lookup the cashier wouldnt need to enter a login but to actually ring someone up they would. SambaPOS is never logged out unless admin needs to do some functions.

If you need a different flow then I advise you to study the system and configure it how you need.


Or if you want simply basic Timeclock without any of the rest of the custom flow that Kendash has implemented, use this Timeclock Tutorial…


Yes thank you @QMcKay I should probably just add that to my description at top of my tutorial.


I really just want remove, I already spend more than 3 hours trying change everything but after nothing works. If you can help me with some instructions it was nice.


Rules that deal with time clock are set with tag of Time Clock you can type Tag:Time Clock in the search box upper right corner of rules. This sorts all rules for the Time Clock.

My time clock was built with that custom flow it’s not just a feature you can turn off. You need to edit it to your liking or remove the rules completely and build another like what Q suggested.


Instead of removing rules just unmap them until you get desired result. Delete them only after you know it wont affect something else.

All of the rules for this setup are tagged as Time Clock. Type Tags:Time Clock in search.


yes, nothing is working!
asking password all the time.
I have 40 guests and i cant register, please help me|


This should be a really good lesson to never install a tutorial or a configuration task into a live system. You should test it first. This is also why we stress so much for you to get to know how the system works.

In the screenshot above where the arrow is type that… then unmap all of those rules.

Going to reiterate this because its important. NEVER install a tutorial or a configuration task into a LIVE system unless you know for sure what you are doing.


I did it 3 months ago, today i decided to remove the password, and is this! I change everything today, i dedicate all my day today for this, I duplicate all products for take away, everything. I only have the last backup from the morning, before I start, do you have solution for me pleeeaseee?


you can see with teamvier, i give you the pass everything, but fix this please!


No im not going to fix it for you. I have given you the answer of what to do. I did not do this to your system you did. I hope you can fix it but I do not have the time for team viewer to fix your mistakes. I am sorry if that sounds mean.


i onlydid unmapping like you told, but ok! If you fell good with this, I will solve it, even if I need close the restaurant. Is the first time I ask for urgency, and denied. With a free software is ok, but after pay the money you ask… I bought the modules, after the 99, is ok! I will try to find help in the forum with someone else. Just ask you because you did this aplication.
Thanks anyway


I did not do any application I am just a restaurant owner and today I am fairly busy with my restaurant. I provided an example configuration. I simply just dont have time for that right now. I am checking this on my phone while I work today. I really wish I had the time to help you further but I simply do not.

I do not work for SambaPOS, I do not get paid for my time here, I am just a restaurant owner that happens to really like SambaPOS so I donate a lot of time to help the project. When you paid for SambaPOS 5 you got everything you paid for plus some. The $99 is not including instant professional support that would cost much more than $99 if it were offered. I am sorry your stuck if your still stuck later today on one of my breaks when I am checking forum I will continue to try and help you but not via teamviewer.


I don’t understand why people talks like I robbed $99 from them when something like that happens. @restaurant34 I’m the only person who did SambaPOS and collects 99’s. I think I clearly explained what you’ll receive for the license fee and I never said someone will connect to your PC and fix your urgent issues. However if you think what you receive does not worth for that money please PM me your sambamarket account name and paypal email address so I can refund your Money and cancel your account.

Yeah some people thinks I should do that because I received their money. I also wish Microsoft connects my PC and fix SambaPOS bugs just because I paid for their software development tool. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.