TimeTrex Community Edition Integration: How to integrate third party Payroll/Time Clock software into SambaPOS


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Maybe we can benefit from mag card readers.

  • Command + Swipe
  • Swipe + Command
  • Just Swipe and determine next… ?

Which one seems works fine? Or do you need something different?


That would work… but what about an ability for a (I may word this badly) input of some kind that can validate a Type Entity Name. For instances where we may not want to use cards… just a Simple Login and then it show specific screen after log in. And a way to read the entity that was validated.

I built the tutorial around the fact that USER LOG in was the validation ensuring the USER that is hitting the punch command is the user its punching.

He wants something that checks an Entity to validate who is punching the command.


We may locate an entity by name or some other string data attached to custom fields. I thought we’re considering our options without using login screen. I think you implementation is great for login screen usage.


Yes I am probably wording it badly.

Is correct.

Sometimes My brain outputs thoughts differently than I want it too lol.


So we need some input to identify employee.



Yes we need an input to identify employee and then a way to read that input to insert it in the command as a value triggering all of the other technicall stuff driving my scripts… resulting in punching in timetrex

Wow your reading my brain again lol


Exactly! Something like you’ve implemented for refund ticket work flow.


We can also add some command buttons with employee pictures (that may convince me to add background images for automation command buttons).

  • Employee clicks his photo
  • We’ll ask operation (clock-in, out, something else)
  • Employee chooses option.
  • We request a pin code via parameter input dialog (validates a custom field data)
  • Employee swipes his card or input his pin manually.

How it sounds?


That sounds good. I can think of other things to use this for outside of just a Time Clock. It could be a way to validate waiters… several other things… can even be used to automate some things when Entities are assigned.


OK. I’ll try to prepare a POC to find a way to load entity when there is no ticket. It will be also useful for something else I was planning to do.


@antasp3136 if you followed mine and @emre’s dialog just now… this could be good news for you :stuck_out_tongue: I personally cannot wait to try some of these ideas out.


Actually I like the idea of using cards… what i was going to do is create a single entity screen on a terminal where they will clock in and out from and only that terminal will have that entity screen… if we can use just swipes… or scanned barcodes and have it clock them in on one terminal that would solve my issues… basically a digital time clock… take all the users responsibility out of clicking the button to clock in.


Amazing idea I like it.


OR… Maybe even a seperate Department just for the timeclock… just an idea.


Yep using a department for it could be a good idea.


I’ve implemented something. I’ll add some screen shots now and if needed we can talk about implementation details after releasing new version.

New features:

  1. Load Entity Action Added.
  2. Setting button colors via set widget value.
  3. Button image for automation command widget.

I hope there is no issues with these random beautiful people images… This is our fictional Time Clock screen.

When clicked it asks PIN number. This is a custom entity field.

If entered PIN is not correct we can warn user.

If PIN matches we’ll ask if she’ll clock-in as her entity state is out.

When clocked-in she becomes blue (ok sorry just jk. button color becomes blue)

On second attempt question changes.

Entity’s Time Clock status changes on each selection. That may open a path for more detailed implementation with time trex.

Time Clock - Basic Time Tracking
Timeclock Implementation Requirements - Discussion

WoW very very nice. Can not wait to try that.


Wow that’s nice… Not sure it will work in a full service restaurant with many employees… That happen to change a lot. I do like how it realizes that the user is clocked out and the states change. That’s what I want but for user that is logged in. Not have a generic login that multiple people use. I’m all about tracking everything everyone does. I’m a implementation engineer for a dental software and support company. I’m just working on this to help my parents so I need it to be simple as well. Having them add users and pictures to a entity screen is going to be more work.


What he showed is not a generic log in that many people use… its specific for each person. And it is showing if clocked in or not which is what you asked for. You would not have to use the picture ID portion of it, I personally like that idea however.

Can you explain what you meant here? Because he pretty much implemented something that answers exactly what you were asking me if we could implement exception is just the pictures. Assigning pictures is optional but its very useful especially considering it can be used for other things not just time clock.