TimeTrex Community Edition Integration: How to integrate third party Payroll/Time Clock software into SambaPOS


What I am working on now is a better integration where it can call info from TimeTrex using the API and display that on an ENTITY Screen. I would initiate it with command buttons… example… Entity Jesse presses Command button for View Schedule… it fetches the schedule for Jesse from TimeTrex using PHP and displays it on an HTML Widget… I just need to figure out all the steps I would need to do for it to work. This includes how to manipulate the TimeTrex api correctly.


I just meant that waitresses change quite a bit in resturants… so id rather not have a screen of names for people to choose from in order to clock in… Id just like to have a entity screen with one button to clock in and out from… and if they are clocked out it is white… and once they clock in it changes colors to blue like @emre has in his screen shot. I also like how it asks and knows if they are clocked in or not. kind of like this…


What im trying to do is have a simple clockin terminal…
-Have a user swipe a magnetic card to log into samba… then it goes directly to the clock in screen… they press clock in and then it asks if they would like to clock in for the day and they confirm it… then when they are ready to clock out they go back to the terminal and swipe their card and click clock out and it asks them would you like to clock out for the day…

-once that all happens i would like for the system to then not allow any user to use samba unless they are clocked in… kind of like how you had it when it checked on first login and if they are clocked in… if they are already clocked in it will not even show the message but if not it will tell them they need to clock in before they can use the terminal and then when they click ok it closes the terminal…


That should be doable. You can make a button like you listed when pressed it prompts to enter the Entities Pin which would then select the entity and execute the function according to button. The rules can call the Entity by reading the Value.


@emre can you post the tutorial for the timeclock screen you setup… I would like to see how you set it up and how i can modify it for what im trying to accomplish…


I am in middle of building this system (MODIFIED) for my own system. I will post it when done. If you have not figured it out yet look for my update it might help you.


Here is some progress on it if you want to take a look. I can explain how I did some of it if you wish to know just ask.


Wow!.. Good job can’t wait to see the tutorial!..


Silly Question, Maybe I just Havant had enough COFFEE yet this morning. But where do I find my URL for timetrex to adjust it in the script?


You would know if you setup TimeTrex correctly and have used it. When you install TimeTrex it provides the link.


Thought I would update this thread with some news that I will be rewriting my TimeTrex integration tutorial soon once V5 releases. A lot has changed and I am proud to say with the support of new features from V5 we are able to directly integrate TimeTrex via JScript and API calls to your webserver.


@kendash Hey Jesse, I’m having this same problem. I can’t get the punches to work and I’m getting and error on the status field. Any idea?



There is a much better integration available for v5. I would wait for it. If your part of beta I have it in that forum.

However user id is unique for each user. You would need to find the user id for each user your wanting to punch.

Timetrex has API access to all of its functions and with v5 we can access it directly in rules and actions using the new script calls.

PS. If you are in beta please start a beta v5 thread with this I will help contribute.


I’ll go check it out in the Beta forum. I was waiting for V5 until I was ready, but I think I’ll have to just start working with V5 fully on my test system. I think using TimeTrex will be worth the work for now and future businesses.



Timetrex is a very good open source payroll package and fully integrated with SambaPOS it really shines. I just wish I could run it on MS SQL or run SambaPOS on PostGRESQL so I could just run one server but that’s not a huge deal.

I’ll contribute more on my Timetrex setup soon.


Ok so its been a long time since I mentioned TimeTrex… I still use it and in fact simplified my time clock. I will make a new thread soon with a tutorial on how to setup TimeTrex and get it working from within SambaPOS.