To have buttons on the screen only

is it possible if we have buttons on the screen only like this

i was thinking to have a separate department Accounts where we have these three option to key in data.

have a look at my tutorial

I have created a petty cash button (Cash Out) that only shows on the POS screen if a ticket has not been created, this runs through accounts, where you can then go to the petty cash account and balance this figure every day against your cash out receipts.

You could use my petty cash (cash out) rules and actions to create a reverse system for Cash In and duplicate it for Bank In

ive modified my system slightly from when i did this tutorial but the basics are the same, have a look and there should be a database tools file you can download so you can have a play and look a the rules and actions to see how it works

Dont for get to backup first

i am currently using ur concept but as i said i want to view only the three buttons nothing else

You could create a new department as you suggested but you would need to map all your rules to just the pos screen department so that the new accounts department was blank

Then you could add your cash in etc buttons to that department and they would show down the left hand side, the rest of the sceen would be blank

Or it might be possible to create an entity screen with thise buttons on that you can use design mode to resize and position on the screen, then have one button on the POS screen “manager functions” or something that when pressed takes you to that entity screen where you would have cash in/out et

I might have a look at this and see if i can do anything

@madiha ive think ive set it up, this is a very quick setup so youll be able to tweak it to how you want

this is what my flow/screens look like

Manager Functions button on POS screen (purple button on left)

Press it to open custom entity screen, where i have added my petty cash button

press petty cash button and complete as normal

press arrow at top left of screen to go back to pos screen

The good thing about this is you can also set admin pin for the manager function button to restrict access

Steps to create:

  1. Create Entity Type - Manager Functions

  2. Create Entity - Manager Functions

  3. Create Entity Screen - Manager Functions

  4. Create Automation Command Button as below

  5. Create Action - Change Ticket Entity

  6. Create Rule - Display Manager Function Screen, with default mapping

  7. Go to POS Screen, click manager functions button to load screen

  8. Right click on the screen and select design mode

  9. right click the screen again and select ADD WIDGET then AUTOMATION COMMAND

  10. A box will appear, resize and drag to the position you want

  11. Right click inside the box and select properties

  12. Enter Name, im adding my open drawer button and you can also change the size and position of the box in these settings

  13. Right click the box again and select settings

  14. Select the command name value from the list, add caption, add button color by typing the word or colour code, change font size from 0, press ok

  15. right click the SCREEN and click design mode again to exit design mode

  16. Your button has now been added and should work like it would if you had it mapped to the ticket screen

Hope this helps you! im going to re-design some of my setup to have buttons on one screen. you can also in entity screen setting add an image to the screen back ground and on the buttons themselves i think there was also an option to add an image on the image path setting

thank u @RickH for a detailed explanation it is somewhat similar to what i was expecting

@emre im having an issue with adding an automation command button on my manager functions entity screen for discount

I have tried this discount by having a button on the pos screen and it works perfect so i know my actions and rules work, however if i create a button on my entity screen it prompts me to enter the staff discount number as it does from the pos screen but then nothing happens. The entity screen closed and the pos screen reappears but the rest of the actions in the rule do not kick in

As i know this works by testing it with a button on the pos screen could this be an error?

It should be adding a staff entity to the ticket, updating the ticket state and applying the discount but it doesnt work when using the button on my entity screen, only works when using the button in the pos screen

I thought I answered this in a different post?

Its not working from the entity screen

As I said before this is by design. Your trying to do ticket function when not in a ticket.

But it wont even just add the staff entity if it did that i could create separate rules for the rest

If i can load entities by using the select customer button which is a process outside of the ticket why can i not do the same thing and add a staff entity from my screen as its the same things im trying to do??

Two completely different things. Select Customer is an Entity Select powered by the Ticket Type when you link the Entity Type there. You can link Employee Entity Type to your ticket and have Select Employee.

The button you made is different it uses an action and is meant to operate from within a ticket to Change Entity not select one. You also were attempting to tie into the same action ticket related functions like discount etc.

Ah ok, so could i use a button on my entity screen to just link my staff entity and load it onto the ticket?

What are you really wanting to do? I can probably help you with it.

i am wanting to reduce some buttons on the POS screen so by adding my manager functions i wanted to add them there, so like petty cash and open drawer i have put on my manager functions screen

i wanted to try and do the same with staff discount, at the moment staff can just swipe their card or scan barcode and discount is applied but there is nothing to stop this being done for every transaction of for their friends etc. so by putting this option onto my manager functions screen that screen is accessed by pressing the button on the POS that has admin PIN protection.

So if i could have a button that ill call Staff Discount on my custom screen i only need this to add the staff entity to the ticket, then i can create other rules to add the discount based on the staff entity being added to the ticket.

i also wanted to keep as many “functions” as i can on this manager functions screen so they are all together, its how id like it set up

Is there a way then to add a button onto my screen that will just add a staff entity to the ticket based on their staff number field in the entity, so that when the button is pressed the keypad appears to prompt for their staff number, this then adds that staff entity to the ticket? then ill create separate rules to actually add the discount to the ticket based on a staff entity being added?

@Jesse i have it working so that when i go to my manager functions screen and press my staff discount button (all this does is add the staff entity to the ticket) it works and adds the staff entity to the ticket if there are no orders and a ticket hasnt been created. If i have already added orders when i press the button nothing happens, any ideas?

Could this be that my Change ticket entity action isnt setup correctly?