Togo Takeout Ticket Types with Automation Command Buttons - Extra Ticket Created

Hi All-
I’m a little stumped on this. I’ve put together a simple Takeout order system for online and togo orders based on Emre’s Custom Package Delivery V5, with some slight modifications (using automation command buttons for ticket creation along with prompts for customer input). I’m sure its just me doing something wrong, but every time I create a ticket there is a second ticket created. I think my mapping is fine, so it must be something related to my flow or actions. I went as far as adding a test message to the default ticket create rule and its not firing. If anyone can see my error I’d appreciate it.

Entity Screen

Initial Order

Additional Order on Customer Tickets Screen (ticket type = ticket)

Entity Screen Settings

Automation Command Rule (mapping set to Takeout ticket type)

Ticket Creation Rule (mapping set to Takeout ticket type)

Default Ticket Creation Rule (not firing as per test message)

Change Ticket Entity Actions / Ticket State






I still can’t seem to figure this one out. If anyone has any ideas that would be appreciated. I uploaded a gif video. Whats happening is creating a new ticket (ticket type “takeout”) adds an extra empty (ticket type “Ticket”) with the customer name. It then shows in the Customer Entity screen which is mapped to Ticket and set to (ticket type Ticket). It doesn’t happen if I don’t assign a customer entity to the takeout ticket. I did a system message to ensure these are different ticket types.

Actual Ticket - Ticket Type=Takeout

Extra Ticket - Ticket Type=Ticket

Change Ticket Entity Action

Probably has to do with a default ticket type assigned to a menu somewhere

We’re only using 1 menu. The default menu is assigned to both ticket types (Ticket & Takeout). There are two departments for separating the default ticket creation (Cafe & Bar). Both are given the default ticket type of Ticket since that is used for all standard orders.

I temporarily changed the default ticket type of “Cafe” to Takeout. It still created the extra ticket. I set a test message on the Ticket Created rule and it ran when clicking on the extra ticket. So it would seem that maybe the ticket isn’t created yet, but its creating an entity button on the Customers entity screen?

Hmm interesting. I’ll look at that. Any chance you could pm me a copy of your database?

Joe oddly it works fine when I restore the database. No extra tickets.

Thats really odd. The file I sent over should have had 4 on it from the ones I just added prior to sending. Did you see those?

Nevermind ignore my comment. I know why it is doing it. Let me see if I can find a workaround.

Should the constraints be using {LOCAL SETTING:X}?

I don’t think that is an issue. Locality is set in the action and the value has no problem being accessed.


Is it something with what I’ve done logically or something internal? Don’t mind working on it, just at a loss.

Thanks again.

It’s a flow issue with create ticket action. I am trying to find you a flow that works.

You dont even have to use Create Ticket action. The Change Ticket Entity action can create a ticket. We need to explore the flow and find the best method. The issue is you are updating an entity that is assigned to both Ticket Types. It is not really creating another ticket (Its not stored in DB with TICKET ID) you can go into the ticket and close it and it disapears… One way to solve it is to only allow Customers Entity type on only one ticket type. That may not be ideal for some people. I will explore it some more Monday.

It could be a bug but I am not convinced yet. I think it is more of a case of it being used differently in a way we may not have anticipated so it may not be a bug but could be something we need to look at if we see more people wanting this. I am not sure yet.

Thanks Jesse. I did notice before that it stopped if I didn’t assign a Customer entity. I could just create another entity type to record that information.

I know that’s not ideal because of how some people use their customer entity data. Won’t be an issue for us because we’re only storing the name for pickup.


If all you want is a name for Pickup I can help you build a much simpler system that does not Tie into Entities. Entities are great… but sometimes for simple operations like names on TO GO they add complications and assign relations in the database that is hard to modify later.

Yeah, I was wondering if I should go different route. I was thinking I could just use a ticket tag or something like that.

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Customer data is great to collect for many reasons. Collecting data helps with marketing, loyalty, and future plans to help grow business. Any marketing expert will say that Customer Data Lists is key to the most successful marketing to grow customers and keep them.

I think soon we will have better methods for this than Entities. It wont be long we will have a cloud based system for this with true loyalty program.

I have some great examples for you including one I have used at my restaurant for both in person takeout and a very busy drive up window. I also have some examples we customized for some of our US Dealers. Monday I will share some of that with you when I am back at my office.

We have gloriafood at our restaurant and we have a big Call in business. I built our system with speed in mind and as little complication as possible. I use the official gloriafood integration and it works great. I can share my system for that as its custom and does not use the delivery screen setup that most people use with it.