Total value of inventory?

Is there a way to obtain the total cost of the inventory in our local warehouse?
It contains everything needed: Units in Stock and Cost, but i got no idea how to get the report.
Can some one point me in the correct direction?
Thank you

You can find a lot of samples if you search for REPORT COST DETAILS tag. Latest one I’ve prepared is this one…

You can create footer summaries for any report by using (.sum) feature. If you prepare your desired report and paste your template here I can show you how you can add this.

If you think doing it by yourself will be better to understand how it works you can review this post to see how I’ve added summary for Person column.

Hello @emre
Thanks for your reply i had to study a little about reports and i got this far on what i want.
however i still need to sum of the total row so i can have my data on a single glance. but i haven’t been able to find how to sum the entire row. could you please share some knowledge

[Inventory Cost Report:1, 1, 1, 1, 1]

{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name,C.Unit,C.Inventory, C.Cost, ([C.Inventory]*[C.Cost])}
Total =SUM (F3:F)

one more thing, how can i remove the two zeros at the end of each number??

Thank you very much

[Inventory Cost Report:1, 1, 1, 1, 1]
{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name,C.Unit,C.Inventory, C.Cost, ([C.Inventory]*[C.Cost])}
Totals||{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Inventory.sum, C.Cost.sum, [([C.Cost]*[C.Inventory]).sum]}

You can define number format for fields by adding ;<format> at the end of field name. For example to define a number format (0.##) for Inventory field you can configure it as…


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why when i run the report some items show cero cost???
when i review the way they are setup under inventory they have their cost but shows cero on the report

If you have not sold an item, it cannot compute cost since it is tied to Consumption.

i know.

But i have sold many many wings and still showing zero

Do you have Recipes defined for those items? They will not be tracked without Recipes.

Have you made Inventory Purchase Transactions for those items? They will have no Cost if they have never been purchased from your vendor.

Are the items Products or Order Tags? Product mappings are easy to set up with Recipes, but Order Tags require Order Tag mappings in the Recipe.

Ya they do have recipes. and this is a product i buy regularly using transaction records

These are product items

What version are you running?

Recipes should look like this:

I am running V5 5.1.54

You should upgrade to .56, or the most recent release which is .57.

Show an End of Day Record for a day you know for sure you sold the item. We need to validate the items are being consumed.

I got many examples but lets look at my main seller: WINGS

Does the Cost tab in the Record show proper costs for consumed items?

Wow you have some crazy numbers from inventory prediction vs actual inventory makes me wonder if your handling purchases correctly.

I mean one item shows a negative instock and a negative predicted with 45000+ actual…

Wings you almost doubled your predicted with actual… So your adjusting inventory but are you actually purchasing anything?

Numbers like that I would be worried of other things lol.

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I see a few other things like Buffalo for example you didn’t sell any but you adjusted inventory up…So did you purchase more? Did you do a physical count and you were off by that many?

@Jesse ya i was off for vacation for a week and they forgot to enter the purchases in SambaPos thats why some number are showing negative balance, so i had to adjust this morning all my inventory. however i’ve been using sambapos for 3 months now and i always do my purchases transactions

@QMcKay not it also display zero as cost

That date was 5/12/2015…

Can you show more current purchase of wings?

I notice you named the document December… but its actual document date was 5/12/2015 so something is not right about that.

EDIT: OK nevermind is your format of date… im grasping for straws i guess

So you purchased 601 on December 5th.

How many did you sell between december 5th and 31st and did you purchase any more? Or did you just adjust them up for that entire month?