Touch screen issue


I currently have a big issue where the RIGHTSIDE of the screen doesn’t register any inputs. This problem is local only to SambaPOS, NOT Windows.

In the video, you can see me pressing the “Roast Beef” Product Button, but there is no feedback at all. Then, you see me pressing the “Pastrami” Product Button and it finally registers when I keep tapping towards the left.

The Settle Screen is wonky too. The Payment Options, when tapped, has VISUAL feedback, but nothing else.

Any button that lies in that Right Column Area (which I highlighted in the picture below) DOES NOT function properly.

We are using a mouse as a temporary fix.

Problem with touch on right edge of screen

Touchscreens are just an input device like a mouse, in theory samba will know no difference between the screen and a mouseso dont see hot this issue can only be effective
Ecting samba and not Windows.


try doing calibaration… four point or more