Transfering tables to another waiter in SAMBAPOS 5

Hi all I really need help as my client is really mad and has been calling me like crazy for a year to get this working, and I still want to recommend Sambapos but I cant get a transfer ticket to another waiter button going, I tried the link below and I cant get it to work either specially since we have several roles and this only handles Employees, I need all manager, employees and Admins to be able to move waiter to another table, is this something doable? or Am I supposed to tell the client that I failed :frowning: this is a paid client. Please I am desperate, help.

I tried to do this and it fails: How to transfer table between waiters? - #21 by josephrussell

There is a new action for this called change ticket created user.

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You can use new features in reports for it. Here are a couple examples.

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Would it be possible to have the KB updated with the latest report tags, fields and expression?

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Thank you I will update thanks a lot

hi im trying to implement this feature to be able to change user

here is what i have done so far, when i press the Change waiter automation button nothing happens

i created staff Entity as well ,

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Ticket Created user is different than just User
You must make sure your reports are built around that.

So I created what I understand out of all responses, could you please help me? nothing is happening when I press the change waiter button :frowning: client is ready to get rid of me because of this :frowning: please help.

delete that Change Ticket Created User name action then follow this setup



Solved Thank you :slight_smile: I really appreciate your help.

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