Trouble with Gift Cards - Gift Certificates

I have followed this

and this

And for some reason my button on the payment screen is just dead, will not work.
And you can not find the gc1108 card I made on the menu screen in the Gift Certificates entity screen.

It may just be me, but the flow needs to be where grandma can use it and if I cant use it, none of these servers will be able to.

Which button?

Show entity settings and the entity list in managment for vouchers.

This button. I have yet to see it activate (could be me)

I followed the tutorial to the letter. Only changed the color from purple to blue.

Do you mean this?

See I am in there, but can never pull it up

Show the accounts screen. Creating an entity doesn’t create an account by default, in endit entity check for create account.

Looking at that other screenshot not sure how it’s setup, looks like it’s using a single account for all vouchers? Does that sound right???


Are we doing VOUCHERS though? The Tutorial is all about setting up for Gift Certificates. I am confused.

I followed this and the gif video looks great and function too, but I cant get it to work the same

Ok so that button isn’t going to enable unless an entity is selected. So seems the issue is more you can’t search for the entity

Can you show events screen settings, the seccond tab I think where you set filter etc

Yes give me about an hour. Traveling now.

Not understanding where EVENTS SCREEN is or this filter setting.

entity screen i meant sorry - typo/autocorrect…



it will be 3rd then sorry, the list page

I hit enter too soon, I edited the post

Try taking out purchased from filter, maybe its not set entity state corectly.

That fixed that.

So if tutorial specified that filter something else is going wrong and purchased state not getting set.

And it could be ME. I dont know how to do the whole gift card thing, and if I cant walked up and understand what to do, the servers will not either.

What is the process. Need a scenario example.