Two people on same table need two tickets

Two people on same table need two tickets.
They are paying separately.

Or table of ten, each need separate tickets.

How can I print separate tickets. Right now it will not do this.

Few options.

  1. Run separate tickets from beginning, can be identified with ticket tags for names. Les suitable if using kitchen printer. Do this by either clicking create ticket while in ticket if using select entity as creation method or creating ticket before selecting entity if pos as creation method
  1. split ticket before payment. select orders and click move, will split by moving selected orders to a new ticket on that table, good with kitchen printer as already printed as single ticket to kitchen.
    itemised individual receipts.
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  1. Not done myself but you can setup print action to only print selected orders I believe. This could be clean method however would reconmend selecting on payment screen if printjob can utilise payment screen selection and processing payment from that selection as payment screen will mark items paid and allow for an organised working through of orders.
  1. Personally I would go for 2 or this - which wouldn’t be separate itemised tickets/receipts but whole ticket with separate payments by selecting on payment screen to tally up the split amounts and paying as you go.

Which one is most effective & efficient will firstly depend on your use of kitchen printer etc, how organised a table is in actually saying what is who’s and how organised staff are.
Number of times a table will want to split a bill so go through payments/items and still end up with either small remaining balance or unclaimed order needing paying due to either poor breakdown or math by a customer wanting to ‘go dutch’ and split a table down into tiny chunks.

I like option 2 as well. I may have broken my POS, MOVE seems to do nothing at all. I click it and nothing happens. I remember messing around and seeing it work before. I remember I saw two entries for something and was confused on how it was working but I see now I need it to work and I may have broken it with all my fumbling and customizing.


Personally my stance if they order collectively and decide to go dutch they need to get their split worked out. A respectable sensible group would specify they were going dutch when ordering so you can make provision for it when ringing up/sorting bill. Dont order in bulk 3x this and 4x that and then expect staff to work out the individual brakdown by person LOL, your eating as a group, your order is prepaired as a single table/group so either let us know early or work it out yourself without spending 15 minutes stood at the counter backing and forward with whos was what LOL.

Totally agree, but you know how people are…

Can you help please. Opening day is next week, mid week. I am stressing over these little things.

Show your move automation command rule.
You know move will only work on a submitted/closed ticket with an entity or tag allowing ticket to be closed right?
The move action is pretty basic without much to configure/change.



Cant see any issues at a glance.

Ah HAAA I messed around and it does work. I am just not understand this operation.

I was able to have two wines ordered, then closed. Then they decided ( you know people) to separate. So I click one wine and clicked MOVE. Then I was able to print THAT bill, then print another. Then settle each. Works fine.

What about splitting tickets EVENLY and printing.

Two ladies have two wines and one dessert. They decide to split evenly.
Need to be able to split the ticket and print two tickets.

I don’t think MOVE will evenly do it.
The 1/n will do the math but doesn’t print two tickets.

What to do here?

Would this work for you? I am splitting orders at payment into new tickets. It is printing each ticket on payment.

No because I need to take each customer a ticket before payment.

Oh you just need move orders then. Or actually I’ll show you something. Sec

You can’t print separate itemised receipts for an even 50/50 split, this is just not viable and don’t think you will see any system do that.

They currently can do it with Restaurant pro Express. That software support is gone and so is the software. Heartland bought that software from PCAmerica and now they will not sell nor support it.

SambaPOS has been a great find and want to put this new restaurant on it, as well as 5 others in town that are on RPE.

This is not a deal break but sure wish it could work.

It can’t split products. We can maybe get it to work but I’ll have to look into that this weekend when I have time.