Unable to add tip after settling the ticket

I need be able to add a tip after paying the total ticket amount. I found this:

Continuing the discussion from How to add tips to ticket:

Where Emre mentions this as an option:

Do not close ticket automatically after settling ticket. Instead create a specific button to close ticket and display table as empty.

I have tried to accomplish this by adding the following constraint to the “Mark ticket as closed” in the “Check ticket payment” rule (Event: Before closing tickets):

Is not Null

The ticket does not close if do not assign a Tip during payment which is what I want. The problem is that the Tip button is disabled when you go back to the Ticket to try and assign a tip.

It seems to me that all additional calculations are disabled once the ticket is been payed and there is no way to add the tip later, is this true?

Check the mapping on the tip button. The ticket might not be being marked as slosed but the status is likly still being changed to paid.

Thanks JTRTech

I have followed the instructions and created a “Calculation types” and a “Calculation Selectors” for tips. There is no Automation Command and thus I believe it is not a mapping problem. The status on the top of the Ticket shows Unpaid.

Is there anything else you can think of?

And its available before payment?
Ticket isn’t locked from printing is it?

Yes, before payment it is available.
No, the ticket is not locked for printing.

So maybe try make an automation command button to toggle the/set the tip instead of a selector…

I have created a Tip tag and custom transactions to solve the problem. I think that JTRTech of using an Automation Command is pretty much the same