Unicode Font is not supporting in SambaPOS

Hello Team,

One of my friend sits in Myanmar and he is running a restaurant called Sharky

He would like to use SambaPOS and ask me to setup

But when i type the name of the menu as a Unicode in Burmese. It is not saving properly there and retrieve it.

Is there any other settings i have to do ?

@emre, @Jesse, @RickH

Experts, please share your views.


If you type it in notepad does it work?

When you type it where? In the Product section? The Menu section? The search bar?

Remember, alterations to Menu (not Products) require you to log out and log in to refresh the cache before changes are shown.

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Yes @QMcKay

I have done that


It is not working notepad but it is a unicode font, it works in Ms Word

I was trying to ensure the font was actually on the computer. I am not sure then. He may have reserved that I know we used unicode for some custom keyboard stuff in past.

How are you inserting it? Are you using a custom keyboard layout or are you using codes?

အ့န ္သညအ ူသသု် ူငုန အ့င်

The font looks like the above one

You can try to insert this. I am trying to insert it from the Ms Word

So it looks like its that specific character.

What is your SQL Server DB Version ?

SQL 2012 ?

Mine is 2014. Its displaying it all but that one character. What is yours looking like? BTW it works fine in notepad.

I am using SQL 2008
I will try with SQL 2012 and 2014

Samba 5 is planned for Multi Language ?

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Are you using Windows 8.1 as a OS ?

That is the plan but I do not know any details. No I am using windows 10.

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If it is planned, we need to ask @emre that these language does not have ISO Code, we need to Custom Culture for it.


Can you please let us know is it possible ?

Myanmar is one of the upcoming market and there are lots of restaurants wants to use the system like this.

Let me know whether the multi language version can support Myanmar ?

Same results in Win8.1 …


v4.1.82 …

v5 …

What is the Country and Region Selected ?

From My windows 8.1, i cannot see this font

i have installed the font in windows 7 but i do not font in Windows 8.1, still i am unable to see the font in my browser also.


Is it possible to share me your Country and Region

and also Language ?

What is the font name?

I am set for US as well, even though I am a Canadian in the Caribbean (Spanish) :wink:

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