Update database for each transaction

how can i update database on every transaction?
i want when i sell any item to update database directly cause i want to use more than 1 selling point

What do you mean more than 1 selling point? You mean price?

more than 1 selling computer

You need to use SQL Express and set each terminal to that database.
Data is saved to database on ticket close/submitting and all data is consolidated in the single DB

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so what i should do is to make an action and update ticket state on ticket closing

I think we are confused here. You want to use multiple terminals right?

yes more than 1 computer … 1 database

Ok so you need to download and install the latest version of SQL Express and then you need to go to Settings > Local Settings > Database and set your connection. Then you go to Local Settings > General and set your terminal names for each terminal. Server, Terminal 1 etc.

Here is instructions to get it working with SQL Express.


Each terminal would need to be connected to the database aka main terminal.

You would need to network them.

i already works on express 2014

Then just install SambaPOS to the other terminal and set the connection string to that server. But are you sure your using SQL Express 2014 or SQL Express LocalDB?

yes i’m sure of that

Ok so just setup Sambapos on the other terminal then connect it via the connection string. then set the terminal name. Thats all you do.

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ok i think only one step remains which is knowing how to update db on each transaction

is this true?
seems it doesnt work with me

What do you mean by that? what are you wanting to update?

when i sell a product it decreases from db
when i add sth its added for all
now i only update the db when i end work period
and i dont want to end work period for every transaction done

Ok so you want to track inventory?

No idea what sth is.

What are you updating the database for?

I think you are confused. Did you actually download and install Microsoft SQL Express 2017? Or did you install the one SambaPOS asked you to install?